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Outfit Post: BAdA$$ Rocker Chic

1/20/2013 09:31:00 AM Chai Chen 64 Comments

It was one of our company account parties and the theme was rather cool! I found it easy to dress up during this event as I combined different pieces of clothing from fave stores. And since it was really the season of sales already, it was a breeze shopping!

And to those who follow me on lookbook, you can see that this look has been uploaded there for long. And I'm just unable to really blog about it haha!

My last outfit post was an "outfit change" for the same day. Because we had a program and I danced with my colleagues so we had to wear dance outfits. But to match the theme, this was what I wore. Somehow I wanted to channel being edgy with this look. Then after this that was when I dressed up for the dance - Outfit Post: Step Up Dance Gear.

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The party's theme was Dress Like a Rockstar as I mentioned before ... so studs, punk, metal ... these the things running in my head that time. I was also thinking of skulls and bones and of course, mostly black in theme. I know lots of folks would be dressing up that way already and knowing me, I want something different.

Sometimes, people actually do misinterpret when I try to be "different" - people who don't really understand me but were rather vocal, oftentimes joke (or maybe half-meant? hehehe) around and say they think I just wanted to get attention or I just probably wanted to beat them all out with their outfit choice. Well, if that was the result, I'm really flattered because it means my outfit does "stand out" from the crowd. But that ain't really my purpose ...

My "edgy" style gets inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers Ms. Kookie Buhain from - a shoe magpie! Her looks are always stunning. I love how she can dress up with sense & style & "edge" when she goes to work and nobody cares! LOL. She's hot and definitely awesome! Obviously, I can't really do that. If I go with that style at my work place, I'd be dead for sure haha! So I dress up in parties instead where my creativity and fashion sense is expressed more. This event was definitely one of them as I interpreted the "rockstar" look with a touch of glam & chic look! My shoes were definitely a stunner!

High quality cosplay wigs at special price

My purpose? Nothing in particular. I just love to dress up and doll up. It ain't always a cosplay event for me but dolling up and dressing up seem to be inherent in me now. And together with the advocacy of my blog with my posts, of course, I just want to inspire other girls too. We have the power in our hands to make a change and be of inspiration to others.

This pic not included! LOL. Haha ... This ain't that inspirational piece I was talking about haha~ But with full confidence, we can do whatever we want. Like dancing Gangnam Style with friends and colleagues! See? Free-spirited me with my puffy face and tummy harhar~

What do you think?

  1. F21 Feminine Twist Rhinestone Studded with Ribbon Trimmings Hoop Earrings, Forever 21 Philippines 
  2. GEO Super Nudy Blue Contact Lenses, GEO, GWYSHOP 
  3. False Eyelashes, Shawill Makeup
  4. DAS34 Peep Toe Heel-Less Ankle Strap Wedges (Black), DAS (warning: these shoes can kill!) 
  5. Black Velvet Ponytails, SM Accessories 
  6. Silver Square Bangle Bracelet, a'postrophe 
  7. Xoxo Accessories Rhinestone Accent Silver Bangle Watch, XOXO  
  8. Gucci - Inspired Black Handbag, Gucci
  9. Entry Leather Lace Up Silver Sequined Black Tube Corset, People Are People
  10. La Senza Polka Dot Collection Corset, La Senza
  11. Studio Black Sequined Shorts, SMLadiesFashion 
  12. Studio Black Satin Bolero, SM Ladies Wear 
  13. Silver Disc Cleopatra Style Necklace, a'postrophe

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Rock your looks guys! (^_^)


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