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Monday, January 14, 2013

Outfit Post: Step Up Dance Gear

Did you miss my outfit posts? Yeah ... so did I! Haha! Can't believe that the last one I posted was more than a month ago ... going two (2) months now heheh. It was this one: Outfit Post: Vintage Life and Hearts and Cupcakes For those who follow me on lookbook, you've already seen this ...

This photo was taken last year, around October 2012 in one of our company anniversary parties. This was my "dance gear" look as we danced to the tunes of J.Lo's "Dance Again" and Beyonce's "Run The World." I wish I could share the video but I'm so darn lazy to transfer the vid from my phone to my computer lah~ So maybe some other time hehehe.

I've entered this as well for Step Up Movie's photo contest- if I were eligible. LOL. But the contest is only for US Residents hehe.

If possible, the lookbook photo set would've been my entry.

By the way, the Step Up DVD was out  since November 27 last year! Get one now! I did! Woot! (^_^)

I'm a fan of dancing. I love to dance - whether that'd be hip hop, ballroom, local / folk dances, anything! Except probably for "breakdancing" hahaha! I can't even do that. But I do play DDR so maybe that'll help hehe~

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The party's theme was Dress Like a Rockstar and my outfit for the entire event was rather different. Of course I changed for my dance outfit. I ain't as slim as before so choosing the outfit was rather challenging. LOL. Good thing, I still have a few good stuff in my closet that I just mixed & matched for the event.

The practice was done just 2 days before the event and sad to say, I wasn't even able to join the practices. Good thing our resource video was just a few clicks away in youtube haha. So I just practiced that same day, that morning before the event. I guess I was lucky to have been able to memorize the steps fast enough. LOL.

My outfit choices ain't too elaborate anymore. I chose pieces that would make me dance freely and easily so my flabs won't show that much (especially my arms hohoho~) My favorite piece here is the Kitten Hoodie from Pussycat Dolls. Check my post about my PCD haul here:The Pussycat Doll in You. I got it on sale at just $5. (^_^) It's the closest I could get from the Pussycat Dolls Hoodie sold-out jackets ... darn! Either the one similar to Nicole's in the Buttons music video, or the whie Don't Cha jacket spelling out "Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me" all over the piping ... been waiting for its reproduction but it's still sold out all the time. *sobs* I badly want those hoodies!

Jhoy, Ten, me (puffy face, not pouty haha), Erelyn

It was really a fun event as I get to enjoy it with dear friends and colleagues. It was also a good venue to show my other talents like dancing - a passion I deeply love. It was actually more of an expression for me than anything else. I wish I could dance more ...

Dance Again on the Floor!

Wish I could've cracked some moves from Step Up haha but naaah! Can't do those. I just really wish I could dance like those dudes and dudettes from Step Up though. LOL. I believe dancing is indeed the hidden language of the soul. (^_^) But I know it can just be a "wish" for me lah~  But I'm happy I danced again ... the music we chose was definitely a good choice - Dance Again and Run the World because I believe, we women can really run the world too. (^_^)

What do you think?

  1. PCD College Kitten Girl Grey Hooded Midriff Jacket, ~Pussycat Dolls~ 
  2. Black Camisole Tank Top, People Are People
  3. F21 Feminine Twist Rhinestone Studded with Ribbon Trimmings Hoop Earrings, Forever 21 Philippines 
  4. Open-Finger Fish Net Gloves, 168 Mall
  5. Black Armband Arm Warmer, (part of my Needa cosplay costume)
  6. Black Knee High Socks, Burlington
  7. MFG Black Maryjane Sneaker Flats, Marithe Francois Girbaud 
  8. MFG Blue Jeans High Waist Shorts, Marithé+François Girbaud 
  9. Printed Head Scarf, (borrowed from Khim Quiambao-Rojo)
  10. Black Velvet Ponytails, SM Accessories 
  11. False Eyelashes, Shawill Make Up
  12. GEO Super Nudy Blue Contact Lenses, Geo Contact Lenses,

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Do you have dance clothing / outfits too? Share them with me too! (^_^) Let's all express ourselves in the form of dancing! (^_^)



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