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My Birthday and Holiday Wishlists ... Happy Holidays!

12/25/2012 09:36:00 AM Chai Chen 131 Comments

It's been a few days already since my birthday yet I can't get over it! LOL. My birthday since last year has been overflowing with blessings and extended 'til the holiday seasons in December 'til January. I really can't thank God enough for all the wonderful blessings and gifts I received.

I normally joke with my friends and colleagues about my birthday celebration and that it'll be held at my company's Christmas Party celebration. LOL. Our party was held at a hotel garden tent and the stories should be reserved at a different post hehehe. For now, I wanted to share with you a few items I wish to get. They'll be in my wishlist for sure so whether I get them as gifts or I got them for myself, that'd be perfect! Woot!

So before I continue with this post ... have you joined my giveaway yet? *wink*

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Ok moving on ...

So, are you ready to shop with me this season (and prolly pick something for me too? *wink*) Most of this goes with material stuff like clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products ... but of course, there are lots of things that money can't buy as well that I'd want to have. Hopefully, we all get what we want for our birthdays and this holiday season! (^_^)

Let's shop ...

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I got to celebrate it with my colleagues as well who surprised me with a little treat at work. It was overwhelming! (^_^) Definitely a lovely treat! I'll share a few photos in future posts I guess hehehe.

This year, a few items stay on my wishlist like My Dream Barbie Doll and my Tokidoki Watches' picks.

This time around, what do I want to receive? Well, I continuously pray for better health and professional growth as well as to keep my family intact; including a smoother way in love and life. But I do have some items in my wishlist from some of my favorite shops. Allow me to share with you my Top 5 Picks per shop this holiday season!

My Chinese-Apparel Wishlist
ONGOING PROMOTION/S: Spend at least $50 and get an accessory for free!

CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. Korean Fashion V-neck Slim Medium Sleeve Black Dress - $23.70
  2. Full Finger Lady Skeleton Black Clutch - $32.50
  3. Funny Animal Print Hooded Calid Casual Blouse - $25.40
  4. Retro Fashion Women Face Black and White Glass Necklace Chain - $6.45
  5. Sexy Black Lady Dress Transparent Shoulder Strap - $21.40

My ROMWE Wishlists

  • $35 off $159+ at (click to get coupons)
  • $25 off $119+ at (click to get coupons) 
  • $15 off $79+ at (click to get coupons) 
CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. Layered Lace Pink Blouse - save %30 off from $54.99 to just  $38.49
  2. Peplum Waist Buckled Black Suit - save %20 off from $105.99 to just $84.79
  3. Cut Out Neck Royal Blue Dress - save %30 off from $39.99 to just $27.99
  4. Peep Toes Heeled Rose Shoes - save %10 off from $39.99 to just  $35.99
  5. Cat's Eye Box Frame Black Sunglasses - sale at $20.99

shop romwe online, free shipping

Can't get enough of shops!!!

Stuffs I Want from SheInside!

CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. Black Polka Dot Bow Vintage Elegant Dress - $39.00
  2. Beige Rose Flowers Print Ripped Distressed Long Sleeve Jumper - $42.88
  3. Gold Hollow Embroidery Pocket Watch Necklace - $12.10
  4. Purple Galaxy Print High Waist Leggings - $46.00
  5. Sexy Black PU Leather Contrast Net Yarn Leggings - $79.00

CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. Dark blueLong Sleeve V-Neck Mature Temperament Skirt - $27.50 (The first thing I thought was ... it looks like the Engagement Dress worn by Princess Kate Middleton *wink*)
  2. Light Green Sleeveless Round Neck Bowknot Shaped Belt Knee Chiffon Dress - $39.00
  3. Black Long Sleeve Round Neck Metal Button Ornament Cotton Dress - $25.40
  4. Collision Color Long Sleeve Round Neck Bowknot Design Cardigan - $39.00
  5. Beadings Collar Royal Blue Dress- $40.00
I got to know this shop because of my dear Ania! I won her giveaway! Yay! (^_^) So I must choose which ones to get right? Hehehe! I'm so excited! Perfect birthday gift for me!

My OASAP Black & White Fixations!

CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. Color Block Long Sleeve Sweater Dress - $55.2
  2. Buttons Embellished Curved Color Block Dress - $75
  3. Peter Pan Collar See-through Dots Printing Top Slim Blouse - $86
  4. White and Black Double Breasted Worsted Coat - $118
  5. Color Block Collar Double Breasted Blazer - $58

25% OFF Sitewide, Snap up bargains Everyday

Still more shopping to do! (^_^)

My eFoxCity Choices!


CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. Korean Style Ladies Long Sleeve Lapel Red Blends Suit Coat One Size - $19.99
  2. Lapel Long Sleeve Ladies Black Net and Cotton Dress One Size - $15.63
  3. White Angel Wing Pearl Necklace - $9.97
  4. Beaded Skinny Women Long Sleeve Round Neck Red Knitting Dress One Size - $23.92
  5. Lovely Style Women Long Sleeve V-Neck Green Knitting Sweater One Size - $18.18

I need shoes too (not that I don't have any nor badly need one new but these babies are just so irresistible so I need to get them! RAWR!!! These are shoes from my favorite shops that I still want to get!!! Wooot!

Shoes I want to get!!!

WEBSITE - various! Check out links below ...

CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. AV Luxe 6th High Suede Platform Pump Wedges in Mustard Yellow - Asianvogue Shop
  2. Black and White Polka Dotted Peep-Toe Wedges - Michael Antonio Philippines
  3. Erica Golden Gilded Pumps in Camel (suede) or Beige (Patent) - Comfit Shoe
  4. Peep Toe Platform Chunky Heels with Cut Out Accent in Sea Green or Coral Pink / Kelly Shoes - Feet For A Queen
  5. DAS 14 Hot / Fuschia Pink Peep Toe Thick Ankle Strap Platform Wedges - DAS My Shoes

All Pink Stuff I want!!!

WEBSITE - various! Check out links below ...

CHOICES (from L-R):
  1. Canon PowerShot SX240 (or actually, any pink, high resolution camera for my camwhoring, travel, and fashion / event / photoshoots hehehe)
  2. tokidoki Ciao Ciao Mimobot - a pink USB flashdrive (and I Just want this one coz it's tokidoki)
  3. Mango Watch with Pink Gold PVD Bracelet - because I love everything Mango and their watches are cool accessories too!
  4. Baby Pink Taffeta Steel Boned Corset - because corsets help me a lot to look slimmer (hohoho~) and correct my scoliosis ... I just want a pink one this time hurhur~
  5. Etude House Princess Etoinette Limited Collection - I want everything Etude and this set is just glamorous! I want it all! (^_^)

My list could go on an on and on ... but of course, overall, I wish to have a happy life, successful career, all blessings and love I deserve ... health ... safety ...

Happy holidays everyone! (^_^) I wish you all a happy season and a safe year ahead!

Don't forget to join my giveaway (^_^)

Happy 2013 ahead! What are you wishing for? (^_^)


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