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Giveaway Feature: Flaunt PH Clothing #ChaiChenGiveaways

12/13/2012 09:08:00 AM Chai Chen 46 Comments

By this time I'm posting this, my birthday's already over. Hopefully I got more gifts and wishes this year's birthday *wink* hohoho~ But moreover, I wish all of you are safe and sound and living a happy life. (^_^) To those who left me comments in the past posts - I promise to visit your sites too until next week! So sorry! Been busy with my birthday preps and family affairs! (^_^)

Now I'll feature the next shop whom I partnered with for the 1st December Birthday Bash Giveaway from #ChaiChenGiveaways ...

Miss Nina Hera Llaneta, owner
Headturner Dresses - FlauntPH

So before I post about the second shop feature ... have you joined my giveaway yet? *wink*

Join My Giveaway!
Chai's December Birthday Bash
- 1st Giveaway!!!
About Php 3,500 ($88) Worth of Prizes!

Ok moving on ...

Currently, I own four (4) pieces of clothing already from Ninz' shop. Yes ... 4 pieces hehe. I haven't posted my outfit shots yet (silly me) ... much like the rest of my shoes from the other shop I featured in my giveaway, Asianvogue Shop shoes. So sorry my dears!!! I promise to post my outfit shots soon! (^_^)

For now, take a look at the lovely collection of clothing that Ninz offers for this giveaway!

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My pick for this giveaway is this cute dress.

Well, there will be 2 winners so you can actually choose which one you want ... just wanted to share that this is my pick. (^_^) Why did I choose this? It's because it combines the latest trends - nautical and brights! This dress features stretchable fabric on both the top and the skirt. It has a black & white long sleeves top, perfect for that nautical vibe that you want to achieve. The skirt is a pleather type in bright yellow to almost neon in color. It has expandable waistband as well so you can easily adjust it. I can imagine this to look like a teenage-cheerleader outfit! Woot! (^_^)

FlauntPH clothing features low-cost Asian-style clothing initially but Ninz has expanded her collection to include more styles from other suppliers. Recently, she was able to bank on overruns from H&M too and she sells them at friendly and affordable prices at her shop.

Due to limited stocks of 1 to 2 pieces per style, her shop is almost always ransacked during local bazaars in the Philippines! That's great sales!

For my giveaway, here are the other pieces of clothing she offers ...

Isn't it amazing? Here are your dress choices:
  1. Nautical Yellow
  2. Pink and Emerald Green Dress
  3. Go Grey
  4. ZipZap Pink and White Dress
  5. Rawr animal print cocktail dress
  6. White tube and floral skirt dress
  7. Sheer pink and color block dress
  8. Gothic black and red style dress

Each dress is valued at Php 600.00 ($15). Regular clothing, including blazers, and other dresses and corporate wear from her shop would cost Php700 to Php 800 ($18-$20) depending on style, fabric, and make. Some items may run from Php 1,000 ($25) too. And take note - if you joined my giveaway and didn't win - just tell Ninz the code #ChaiChenGiveaways and she will give these clothing for 50% off - valid only after the giveaway (by January 2013). And only if you did participate in my giveaway (via the Rafflecopter entries). She will validate the orders with me. (^_^)

shop romwe online, free shipping

Clothing sizes are normally on one size or small (depending on style / make). The items offered for my giveaway would fit small to medium frame (they fit me, a Medium sized girl - Asian size). Other items she offer may have available sizing. For more information, check out her site!

Here's a sneak peak of one of my clothing from her shop. A more decent outfit post to come soon hehe.

What do I think of her shop?
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

Be a public subscriber now for this shop (Subscribe / Add to Interest List / Add as Friend)!

And now of course, don't forget to join my giveaway to get your shopping spree from the shops or win these dresses! (^_^) Click this photo below to find out how to join!

Don't forget to join my giveaway (^_^)

Happy shopping and good luck!

One more giveaway running for this week only! Woot! Hurry and join now! (^_^)



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