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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Outfit Post: I Think I'm ♣UGLY♣

Don't you feel it too, sometimes? Like, being "ugly" and all? I bet you also do ...

Listening to 2NE1's song "UGLY" made me contemplate on the lyrics; a little bit and I did ponder on the meaning ... wallowing in deep thoughts may be unhealthy sometimes but the good brain exercise keep you sane.

I know I said it for some time now that office attire can be tricky some times because of the dress codes implemented and the interpretation behind it.

The song lyrics go (part of it, chorus) ...
"I think I'm ugly
And nobody wants to love me
Just like her I wanna be pretty
I wanna be pretty
Don't lie to my face
Tellin' me I'm pretty" 
My sentiments exactly! Sometimes, I feel like even when I dress up well, it is unappreciated and gets attention the wrong way. There are but a few who does give you praise and admiration for your fashion sense. There are those who would laugh in scorn. There are those who'd tell you you're pretty and all but says otherwise when you turn your back.

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It's a sad fact I guess. While dressing up doesn't necessarily mean you are trying to impress others but a mere expression of your self and artistic /creative side; it does hurt sometimes when you realize that there are those people who do nothing but talk behind you... and not just talk but negative talks ...

Chubby ... too short ... mini skirt doesn't look good on you ... "baduy" ... Trying hard ...

These are some of the words I heard already. While I don't really pay much attention to those when they come from people who don't really matter to me; and those who are just damn-envious and keep on picking on me; it hurts when I do get it from people I treasure. Not only that... it comes from other sources .... those who heard / captured the friends I cherish, say those unflattering words.

I normally just shrug and probably let go of the thought later on because I understand, each of us will have different points of view and our opinions will not match all the time. And when they do hurt, it's good to know that there are support mechanisms around like Support Fab - Fashion Against Bullying. Reading posts from other folks in the group around the world made me feel even better and even more blessed than what their experiences were. Sad fact but I guess we can never really prevent it from happening.

This outfit is inspired by that song from 2NE1 and eventually; the message that Support Fab is saying. I may feel "ugly" and unloved at first. And wonder why others who are not as expressive may be regarded prettier and I think again and again why is that so and may want later on to be just like her / them. However, getting the proper positivism from support groups will later on take off that thought. Instead, it'll boost more self confidence and build trust in your self.

Freely expressing your style seems to be getting repressed by bullies nowadays, who view fashion as a way to leverage their status, discarding the actual value of fashion: freedom of expression. But no matter what, don't ever feel bad anymore and waste your time on people who don't understand. You don't live for them anyway and they will never be pleased so don't even try. Instead, smile and pray for them - that they get their own happiness in a better way than bullying.

Dressing up doesn't have to be done to please others. It's your own freedom of expression. Freedom of style. Don't ever get scared and fear criticism. If they do compare you to others, smile and move on. For me, I even appreciate it more when people tell me personally than when I hear it elsewhere. Be confident and shun the negative comments. And later on, you won't feel "ugly" anymore. (^_^)

What do you think?

  1. Bronze Pearl Beaded Bracelet, TOMATO 
  2. DAS34 Heel-Less Ankle Strap Wedges (Black), DAS (warning: these shoes can kill!)
  3. MNG Cat Eye Sunglasses with Star Accent, Mango 
  4. Starburst Ring, Mia Casa
  5. Indian Design Earrings, , (Gift)
  6. F21 Bronze Owl Necklace, Forever 21 Philippines 
  7. MNG Black Leather Flap Wallet / Handbag, Mango
  8. "Bitch" Bronze Connector Rings, Tickles
  9. Draped Front Cascading Cardigan & Retro Print Long Top in One (Black Variant), bYSI
  10. Black Pencil Cut Color-Blocking Asymmetric Pattern Skirt, A. Byer
  11. Stars Ring, Bedazzle Accessories

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