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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outfit Post: Artlets Royale Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

A few of my colleagues called me "doc" in this outfit. LOL. I figured as much, that it'd go that way because of the white on white top ensemble I did. But it was really more of me reminiscing my college life and how my uniform was so similar to the look that came about.

Artlets is how we fondly call ourselves since we were from the Faculty of Arts and Letters, (University of Santo Tomas). My uniform really kinda looked like this - white top, navy blue skirt, navy blue bow tie / ribbon. I just opted for a blazer instead.

From school girl - to corporate! Always an Artlets girl! (^_^)

That time I wore this, I had a client visit and of course, I have to channel my corporate looks in this event. After all, I am mostly shifting to that clothing style - from casual and cutesy attire. It'll always be challenging for me since I am still in my 20s and there's that danger of looking too old with the pieces I'll put together. I guess "style" does play a factor.

Dressing up "corporate style" does not necessarily mean I need to put on matronly looks / outfit just to be perceived as mature and grown up. In my role, there's that need but it still pays to know the trends to keep up with great fashion sense and keep that youthful vibe in the work field ...

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There's that pressure all the time, when we have clients on site. It's rare that they get to visit us so we must always show them our best. And of course, I have to be presentable as well. I need to keep them entertained and not bored with the scenes. I need to keep them engaged. It's really challenging. I do run & walk all the time but I can't just be in sneakers. It's good to have trusty pair of heels that will make you walk comfortably like Comfit.

I tried to keep my accessories to a minimum since it may give that "overly done" look and displease the clients altogether. And a good presenter does get the attention needed anyway, regardless, not to herself but to the topic at hand and keeps her audience engaged. But these rings, I kept. They looked great!

It always feels like "college" when we have these visits since it involved presentations which I always did in school, being an A.B. Communication Arts student. The blazer came from one of my favorite brands as well that exhibits that corporate chic vibe I always wanted - iORA.

All these seem to be pretty basic pieces but as I exude that confident aura altogether, I think I nailed that "royal" look too. And nothing beats a successful visit than a well-prepared orchestra and highly presentable delegates ... like myself! LOL. Kidding aside, well, the team really did a good job there. I'm happy with the results! And of course, in this look.

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