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My Style Statement Inspired by The Ramp Crossings

10/26/2012 09:30:00 AM Chai Chen 106 Comments

Dressing up is an effort, as well as an accomplishment. Not everyone is blessed with a great style and fashion sense. It's always a challenge to conform with the norm, or even go out of norm. Sometimes, you might end up being called weird or crazy if you wear something that's not in accordance to basic pieces. But ever wonder why those items "in style" or "in season" are more often than not; NOT in anyway near staple pieces in normal wardrobe / closet?

These great geniuses or fashion gurus are always "fashion-forward" that's why! They're not afraid to do their own thing and flaunt their skills the best way they can, regardless of what other people say. And for me, that earns a lot of respect.

I posted a few entries before about my challenge ... some how, in corporate dressing. Somehow, there's this fear of coming out with "too-old" or "too plain" or "too formal" look. Being in the corporate world, I know I need to dress up but the choices somehow may not be fit for me. However, choosing the other styles may look "too young" either - which may not be appropriate for an office wear. There's always that borderline. And having a company dress code; while it does help us project that better corporate image; it's also a big challenging. Take for example, my Outfit Post: I Think I'm ♣UGLY♣ where I mixed office wear with trend shoes, heel-less wedges. The look received a lot of good words and comments from fellow bloggers and fashionistas; to the level of praise some how; but it received quite a number of mixed reactions in the office - from the level of "ok" to "not appropriate."

So what look can be good enough for corporate / office wear without being too flashy? So I just joined this site called Polyvore and wow; it has a lot of style inspirations for fellow users and it's fantastic how you can create your own style inspiration. I played around it for a bit and came up with this look using items from one of the shops I also physically visit - The RAMP Crossings  ...

Romwe--Latest High Street Fashion Online

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I called the look I created as Corporate Brights .... this is the first time I used the tool and came up with a look so bear with me a little bit hehe. Inspired by some colors of the season, basic pieces to match the corporate requirement, but adding pop of colors; the mood seems quite appropriate even off the season and ... actually any season - be it summer, autumn, fall ... in the Philippines though we only have rainy and summer seasons heheh.

Here's my look ... I was thinking if I should look for a celebrity or style icon for my fashion inspiration but then as the RAMP's photo above says - when it comes to my look, I'm on my own so yeah, I decided to just piece them all together as I like it ...

The RAMP | Corporate Brights





What do you think?

Everything here is from The RAMP Crossings except for the bag since there are no available items right now in the bag section. So how did I come up with it?

Romwe--Latest High Street Fashion Online My only recipe was Black & White + Pop of Color + Corporate Basics. Thankfully, The RAMP Crossings have all these wonderful pieces to help me express and spice up this recipe. The basic hue is of course black & white but the pop of color is oh so yellow! Not too bright nor neon as it may not be good in the office; but the shade is just enough to be expressive. The youthful overall look it achieves is vibrant without being too-summery nor attention-grabbing. It's toned down with the black shades. The top is not overly printed but it has that cute bib collar in the shade to make it "pop" too. Of course, wearing sleeveless tops or halter tops may seem inappropriate as well so I paired it with a capelet blazer. Cape isn't too long as well, which may make it look like a robe; but the length is just enough to borderline with ordinary yet trendy. The accessories are kept at minimum with tones of gold to make it "classy" and perfect for office wear and even evening wear. It can be versatile. The shoes I chose are just basic patent peep toe heels - which I know I can also wear as a staple piece. Very easy to match with other styles! With this, either I wear a slimming pencil skirt or cropped pants to add that "sexy" look in it. And lastly, the bag ... I can't go to the office without a bag. This one is good enough with subtle skull prints, perfect for the coming holiday yet sleek enough to match the office vibe.

I am satisfied with this look I created! It's sleek and simply yet so-me still with the catchy trend - basic pieces with pop of color and a dash of new style! If you want to get these clothing pieces, simply head over to The RAMP Crossings!

Nuffnang is hosting this current contest in collaboration with The RAMP Crossings. Check out the following links to get your own style inspirations or create your look with lovely clothing only from THE RAMP!

Hope you liked it! And I hope this style inspired you too ... and hopefully other young professionals like me. (^_^) And thank goodness we have the convenience of online shopping to get these great pieces by browsing ... check it out now as well!



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