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BonChon Chicken Craving!

10/20/2012 09:44:00 AM Chai Chen 59 Comments

The first time I've set my foot at one of their stores at Robinson's Galleria, I knew I was "in" for another great gastronomic experience! BAM! That expectation wasn't failed by this store! Of course, there was already so much hype into it last year when I first tried it. And until now, this still sits as one of my favorite chicken fast-food places on earth! Take note ... this post has been moved and moved and moved in posting schedule and thank goodness, today I finally posted it hehe.

At Robinson's Galleria

My friends and colleagues have been talking about; the people I rode with in the jeepneys and LRT and MRT Trains; there were talks on Twitter ... everywhere! I felt like I was harassed by the messages! LOL. Well seriously, I was getting bombarded by it everywhere I go. So I gave up! I gave in! I gave it a try ... How did I find it? Let's see ...

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The first thing I took note of was the price.

Looking at their menu, it seems pretty affordable. It costs almost the same as the meals we see from Jollibee or McDonald's. They range from P150-P200. There are some foodies that cost less but you ain't getting a meal with that. The only catch is, their main meals don't include drinks yet. You need to order your drinks separately. I can still go with that, I think ... they don't cost much. So I prefer the boxed meals as they call it hehhe.

From the main meals, my favorite is the Fish Taco - as you can see on this photo on the right. Yeah that's me enjoying it! Hohohoh~ It tastes really good! The only thing that I'd comment on I guess, is the presentation. The set is kinda messy and doesn't look too-presentable nor pleasing to the eyes. LOL. The first time I saw it; I was like - so what's this? It looked like a hodge-podge of stuff hohoho~ Plus, their "taco" ain't the crisp one. It's soft - too soft that the dressing (mayonnaise / ketchup and what have you ...) consumes it all later; making it even softer. Good for the tummy but it gave me a hard time eating it! LOL. I loved it cheesy! I just hated it for being too-messy! Lah~

BonChon Fish Tacos

In terms of content, considering the size; I can say it's acceptable; but definitely not overwhelming. For the price they offer; the food is less than the regular. I think it's pretty common in fast food chains now - if you want more, pay more!

Drumsticks and Thigh Rice Box at BonChon
The rice included in the meal is already the "regular" size in most meals. However, consider the size of the plate, it's still smaller than regular. Even the chicken itself - it's smaller.

However, because of the taste, I think I can let it pass! (^_^) *wink* Similar to Jollibee and other chains I guess, they offer you a free choice of chicken flavor - either spicy or soy garlic (glaze). Both flavors are really delicious!! I prefer the soy garlic though because the spicy one is overly spicy; I guess ... I can't the whole meal without drinking softdrinks in between! Haha!

At Robinson's Galleria
Their look & feel is pleasing to the eyes! Or ... well, at least to me hehe. The mixture of whites, reds, and silver calls my attention pretty well. They also maintain their space neat & clean.

Korean Chicken BonChon

The store promises chicken meals that are super crispy yet light and non-greasy. I think they pretty much achieved that. From their boxed meals, my favorite is their chops ricebox. It's pretty addicting! They serve it hot, moist (with the glaze) and still uber-juicy chicken meat! While the size is still compromised I guess, this one's still pretty awesome!

Chops Rice Box at BonChon

Whatever this original Korean Friend Chicken secret that they have, it's working! I love it! It's indeed a crispy chicken secret that the world craves for! I didn't realize that they're already open in multiple parts of the world!

So despite some of my comments, I still keep on coming back! Aside from these chicken servings, I also love their Chapchae Noodles!

Chap Chae at BonChon
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Overall, I guess discounting the serving size; this is really palatable! So I guess I'd rate it ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:

I will continue to come back here and eat my heart out, regardless of branch! (^_^) How about you? Have you visited any BonChon branches? What's your favorite? Share with me!


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