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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My ETC Fashion Flea Market Fashion Finds

I understand, this is rather another delayed post. Hehe. This event took place last August 25-26 and it's just being posted now. Sorry dearies! (^_^) I blogged about it here.

It's because I had a number of other awesome blog entries (naks!) awaiting to be posted here so this one got moved. And due to my busy schedule, yes, I just blog on weekends and queue them instead so this is auto-posted.

But don't fret! Here it is now ...

Allow me to share with you what I got from this event. I was honestly feeling down that time and thought of not coming anymore but then, I felt like going to the office to finish some tasks so I dropped by here as well, before getting to work.

It was a little late already, like about a little more than an hour before the closing time. I did not anticipate the fact that they are not like the malls. LOL. I forgot they close at 8PM geeez! So most of the stores were already packing up ... I just had to rush my shopping hehe.

I didn't get to pay any entrance fee anymore nor register ... nor get this cute loot bag *sobs* but it's a good thing they still allowed us late shoppers to come in.

ROMWE--Latest High Street Fashion Online Store

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I was able to snag a few cupcakes from Sophie's Mom, thank goodness! When I saw that they were already packing up, I already bought a few pieces. My mom loves their red velvet cupcakes so I didn't let the opportunity pass. Hohoho~

I just roamed around and tried to look for something I'd love ... some of them, pretty much, were similar to the past bazaars I attended. I guess the shops were all the same hehehe. I mean, they participate in similar events so I guess... it's been pretty much the same.

Accessories Booth
The Pin-Up Girl
Simone's Closet
One thing I found interesting was this shop called The Sparkle Shop. They sell clothing, primarily (or maybe specializing in) corset tops. And because most of these corset tops are small in size in most of the shops or sale events I went to, this one offers various sizes. They even customize! Woot!

The Sparkle Couture Shop
I didn't get the chance to try their apparel anymore because they were already packing up. But definitely, I got their card and will check out their page soon! Wish to have my own bustier top from them soon. (^_^)

I checked out this store called Fashionability (by Jacque Perez) because of its promise of all authentic branded bags, among other items. While I'm not really into costly designer brands, one of my colleagues is (ehem Erelyn!) highly interested!

Michael Kors, Longchamp, Burberry, etc.
One of my dear shopping buddies, Erelyn, (and you'll see her mostly in my shopping posts too hehe) is highly in love with these Longchamp bags. Seeing that most of these designs are stuff she already have, I guess she'll let the opportunity pass ... so I just went on again as well hehe.

Longchamp Paris Bags
Most of the other shops are pretty much the same as well ... "the same" again in the sense that, I've seen most of them already in the other events I went to. But this next shop caught my attention because of the bargain finds it boasts in front of its store! Hohoho~ No real sale escapes my eyes, you know? LOL.

Bargain Clothing from The Posh Wardrobe

And because the tag says P200-P300 only, I immediately ransacked the rack! LOL. From the photo, you can see that these stuff have lovely prints and colors but there's only 1 size and/or 1 stock left. What am I to do but to buy right?

The Posh Wardrobe
My next stop was of course, Asianvogue Shop! And now, aside from shoes, she's offering clothing once more! Woot! I was rooting for this unique top I found on her page so when I saw it available, I already bought it! (^_^) Can't wait for more of her Korean fashion offering soon!

So that's all I got from my short trip! Here's a few photo sets of my fashion finds ...

Pink & Black Sheer overlay top w/ Black & White Tank Top
Asianvogue Shop

Royal Blue Long sleeves Top w/ black embellished Collar
The Posh Wardrobe

Polka Dots Headband
The Pinup Girl
The cute rings are from Itsy Bitsy but I wasn't able to get their card (T_T) They were on the same booth as Asianvogue.

What can I say about this event? I guess because of the efforts of gathering the good fashion bloggers at least (though I didn't get to grab their items anymore); a mixture of new shops I saw; and their good program and beneficiary, I rate them:
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
Check out the following for more details about this event:
  • EVENT: ETC Fashion Flea Market
  • DATES: August 25 - 26, 2012
  • SCHEDULE: 10AM - 8PM
  • VENUE: Ronac Art Center
  • ADDRESS: 424 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills North, San Juan

I wonder how my next sale events would be.... hmmm....



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