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Musashi is Your Best Choice for Takoyaki!

4/09/2012 10:23:00 AM Chai Chen 20 Comments

And it's mah choice too!

Musashi Takoyaki (click for larger photo)
 I was not a fan of these takoyaki foodies until I tasted the best one that offers them ... MUSASHI TAKOYAKI. What is takoyaki, you ask? As per Musashi's definition ... (and yes, just google it; but I wanna quote it, the "Musashi" way ...), it's a popular Japanese snack made from flour, and octopus; with added authentic Japanese ingredients. "Tako" means octopus and "Yaki" means friend or baked.

This stall truly brings the best authentic Japanese Octopus balls using only the finest ingredients and fresh toppings.

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The stall I've frequently visited is located at SM Mall of Asia, outside the main mall (the center one, where the globe is also placed in front), beside the department store ... uhmmm... I'm not really familiar with the alleys or how the streets are named there so pardon me for not exactly stating its location hehe. But it's really very easy to find. It's near the taxi bay already ...

Musashi Takoyako (SM Mall of Asia)
 I've read from Certified Foodies that there are fake takoyaki balls in other stalls so that's probably one of the reasons why I never really liked these balls. LOL. There's something different at Musashi and the differentiating factor is ... yup; they've got real octopus inside! Well, it's not really the only reason why you'll love it. They've got the best choice of ingredients too, I guess.

Musashi Takoyaki Menu
The stall offers a little bit pricey takoyaki balls but are definitely worth it! I normally settle with the 4-pieces (single order) set worth P50 now. You can see their staff prepare it live in front of you and served hot in paper plates. I believe they have the best selection of vegetables as well - they really taste fresh and uber-delicious! They don't taste like "leaf" alone. LOL. I dunno what choices they have; I know they're just the same veggies but WTH! They taste really good!

If you're not satisfied with just the 4-pieces set, try their 8 Pieces worth P100. I assure you that you'll love it. The takoyaki balls they prepare aren't just the same size as the any peddled food out there (i.e. fish balls, kikiam, etc.) They've got big takoyaki balls - see the 1st photo for reference; so it's really really really big that will satisfy your hunger.

The stall also offers Musashi Cabbageyaki worth P80 and Musashi Yakisoba worth P120. Both are equally tasty as well. The flavors are definitely enticing. I don't think I've tasted the same menu items in other stores with the same nom-nom factor as they do at Musashi. Haha! They really got the best! Their cabbageyaki is similar to Japanese veggie pizza (i.e. okonomiyaki) though they use different ingredients (as they told me lah~)

Musashi Takoyaki Preparation
Their preparation time doesn't take that long. I've been there countless times and being always on the go, I hate waiting in line. This one is definitely worth a little wait ... what is 5 minutes anyway? They cook lots of them already so customers don't have to wait. And if you do need to wait, again, it's just 5 minutes max. I've never waited that long in my visits there, believe me! It's freshly served. They never served me cold takoyaki balls lah~ So the freshness and hotness definitely adds to that wow factor!

Musashi Takoyaki

Once served, you'll be given the choice of sauces to put on your plate. Either spicy or sweet, it's your choice. Topped with mayo and a few more veggie toppings, it's overflowing with awesomeness! Tat really makes me go back more and more to their stall! They serve it clean and you can personally witness how they clean up. It's neat and spic and span!

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)

So what are you waiting for? Treat your self now with the tastiest and healthiest takoyaki in town! You just gotta love it! (^_^) Is it food trip you want? Go check this out!


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