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My Social Media Posts Disclaimer

The posts on this site are my own and they don’t represent any of my organizations / affiliations / and/or similar groups I'm connected with / my company's  positions, strategies or opinions.

This is my personal web site / blog, produced in my own free time and solely reflecting my personal opinions. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of my affiliations / groups / organizations / employer/s, either past or present, or any other organization with which I may be connected with. All content is copyrighted to me or otherwise credited for.

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Advertorials / Advertisements Disclaimer

Any posts or blog entries in this site that are tagged as advertorials or advertisements or, are related to ads may or may not really directly earn me money unless otherwise stated in the post. Most of them are my own e-pinions on certain products & services and my ways of promoting companies or brands (or similar).  Posts that are directly stating "paid advertisements"  with "sponsored post" tags as well are the ones that directly earn some advertising revenue from various sources here in my blog. The "Advertisements" section in this site features links clickable and directed to various sites that I promote. Not all of them are directly revenue-generating for me. If posts are tagged "sponsored post" but doesn't state it's paid; then these represent posts for (and will be tagged accordingly as well) press releases / advertorials / guest blog post where I am asked to write about for their company / service / brand. Such posts earn me nothing in terms of revenue but may have provided me with ex-deals or other trinkets. 

In general, advertorial posts here are only clearly expressing my views or statements; or my own opinion about products and services. As such, they would also be tagged as "reviews" and at most; I may not be directly endorsing them. I am encouraging my readers to do their own research on products or services that I may mention in my blog. Effects of products and my experiences on several services may vary from some other people. Hence, the need for others and my readers to really scrutinize first and try on their own before accepting my posts as true to them. Nevertheless, I commit to completely uphold integrity  in all my posts and review shops, products, services, among others; with all honesty and facts.

My writings are and would always be products of my own opinions about the advertiser/s; should there be any (for paid advertorials) and not "positive only" reviews. I will only write about stuff I've tried and tested and liked; before I could even write such sponsored posts. If I am unsure about a product or service, I may simply decline the offer, or I could also just simply describe what the advertiser does in a generic way. I will absolutely not write false advertisements / advertising in this site.

My endorsements are only for those products / services / companies / brands that I've personally tried & tested and I could attest to their effectiveness. I MUST like them FIRST as a general rule before I post about them. Should there be posts that are mere advertisements or campaigns that are auto-generated or posted normally; yes they might also earn me some revenue. Such posts may not represent my personal experience on them but will always be a clear sign that I support the campaign, regardless. For endorsements, I am again; encouraging my readers to do their own research on products or services that I may mention in my blog for their own eperience.

At times, I may participate in blog contests that aim to promote certain brands / sites / companies, or similar. Unless they are indeed tagged as paid or sponsored; I am not directly earning revenue from them.

Should there be any posts written that promote or advertise certain companies, brands, products, services, among others; to which I may not have directly tried or experienced as of yet and they appear here as an ad; such posts may just be campaigns that I definitely believe in or I support their advocacy. Under no circumstances would I post them without trusting the campaign.

If there are blog entries that deviate from what I've stated in here, or you feel they are not covered by my disclaimer; feel free to comment or reach out to me so I could rectify ASAP. I would appreciate honest feedback & support for better governance of this site.

Thank you.



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