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3/06/2017 11:45:00 PM Ice Goddhez Blog 0 Comments


What is this "Ice GodDHEZ" shiz?

I saw that there's a benefit in putting up this page ... every month, there are hits on this page and I don't have anything posted. LOL. I guess it's about time I put this up ...

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The term GODDHEZ was actually coined by a college friend of mine. They used to call me "the Swish Goddess" because of my proficiency with the tool Swish / Swishmax for our presentations (i.e. advertising, marketing, etc.) Anything that will require me to present using a regular powerpoint presentation, I'd do it using my Swish tool. I normally do not settle with common tools and expound my means. I never wanted to present something just because it's needed. I've always made sure that I excel and deliver better, every time. With that, they called me as such. The spelling was slightly changed to match the shortened version of my name... hence the "dhez" at the end.

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This blog is named Ice Goddhez because I have this thing with "ice." Cold & jagged life. I initially used this term in one of my previous website layouts way back my high school years. I cannot recall what year it was though - since all of my past layouts are gone now (gone when we were victims of fire in 2006 and everything I had was lost). I abandoned all my past hobbies until they're taken off from the host sites. And my CPU was burned so I had nothing else left. Back then I used to own the domain - a network for women empowerment. I offered website designs/layouts; quotations for life; lessons from school; tutorials, and loads more. If there's a way to get them back, I guess I would. But now, I don't have any other means. So I just stick with this blog ... I couldn't recall as well when I started owning the domain but my blogging activities started as early as 2003.

After some time in years, I decided to go back and reclaim my "online life." This (writing to some extent) is one of my passions in life so I really shouldn't give up on it. Surely, I can take a rest but I know it fuels me to live my purpose as well. I wanted to empower and inspire others with my creations so why stop? Hence, I continued writing. Otherwise, I'm dead to the world ...

And this life in blogging has never really died ... I just went on "hiatus" I think ... And now I'm back with a lot of other things to offer. Initially, I thought of keeping my blog at my Xanga Page. I already have a number of friends and followers there anyway. But there's not much I could do with my layout anymore and search engines don't normally land on it so I moved here at Blogspot.


As much as I'd like to make this a personal blog like my Xanga, my life ain't that interesting anyway (LOL) for the public to feast hehehe. And so I think it's best to somehow mirror what I had to say in my previous website / domain and just keep it going ... this blog will not be entirely the same but it's similar. My main theme will still revolve around women empowerment as I believe in the power of beauty & brains. And if I can be that, and so can other people! (^_^)

  1. Cosplay - I love cosplaying! Check out my deviantart site for more.
  2. Product Reviews - whether that be a new product I tried or an old one that really works for me, I'll share my reviews here (may also include my "featured brands")
  3. Events - call center events, fashion / blog events, cosplay conventions, sale events, and loads more! Everything that captures my interest, I share too!
  4. Food Reviews / Food Blog - I'm a food lover! Not a foodista nor an expert nor a chef though ... just simply loving food! Anything that's worth sharing; I'll post them here.
  5. Fashion - dedicated to street fashion, casual outfits, and corporate attire
    • Lookbook - particular looks / clothing / outfit I've uploaded on my lookbook account
    • Shoes - the label says it all! It's all about shoes!
    • Accessories - Bags, wallets, jewelry, etc.
    • Fashion Review - new style? How do I find it?
  6. Beauty Blog - my regular skin care routine
    • Skin care - specific skin care products
    • Health - of course, to be really "beautiful," one must be healthy
    • Makeup - given my love for cosplay, and makeup transformations lately, I know I'll be posting more content about this
  7. Advertorials - if there's a product or brand that I want to advertise, I will surely post them here. There are certainly quite a number of names I want to recommend and they go under this category.
  8. Lifestyle - lifestyle buzz, celebrity, entertainment, what's in, what's hot
    • Promos - online promos, discounts, etc.
    • Contests - online contests, stuffs I joined, and the likes
    • Window Shopping - need I say more? Stuff I found which may be good buys!
    • Online Shopping - more convenient! Shop online!
    • Youtube - I'll be posting more youtube videos to share, now that I've been more active as well as a youtuber. I'll definitely share other videos I find interesting as well
    • VLOG - and as a youtuber, I'll be vlogging more often featuring events as well, products, random activities, etc. My series will be up in my Youtube channel too!
  9. Leadership - work-related; my views about leadership and some of the lessons I learned; inspirational; thoughts I want to share to everyone
    • Management - different management styles, lessons about management / corporate setting
    • BPO - BPO / call center industry information
  10. Other Reviews - My thoughts on other random things
    • Service Review - an experience to share about a particular company's service; feedback on services
    • Gadget Review - Android; Apps; Games; and hobbies / collectibles; tech review
    • Toy Review - specific stuff I own and my views of them

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