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What's the Fuzz with J.Co Donuts?

6/19/2013 09:30:00 AM Chai Chen 85 Comments

Since their first branch opened in our country; netizes, donut-lovers, foodistas, bloggers, and loads of other residents were taken by storm. I've been hearing about them everywhere. From my friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. I wondered what was it really all about. Social media sites have been showcasing each donut flavor with all the yummy goodness shots! It was so tempting, I told myself I gotta try it! It's been a while since I posted about food too ...

1st Dozen of my Initial Two (2) Dozen Orders! Yeah!

My first visit was October of last year (2012) - yeah I suck at these reviews! LOL. This is so delayed now lah~ Oh well, I had to prioritize my other posts hehe. Going back ... I went to their Greenbelt 3 Branch with my friends and colleagues - fellow food-lovers and shopping / hangout buddies - Erelyn and Melanie. We were all from a tiring shift and before going all straight home, Erelyn dragged us to this store. Haha! Talk about getting "dragged" lah~

All the donuts seemed so delicious! Let's see what I can say about the shop ...

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The first thing that caught my attention was, the long queue of people, lining up just to get their beloved donuts! Coming from the tiring shift, well, we gave it a second thought. But because we were all eager to try it, we lined up as well.

The long line all the way to the counter at the edge ...

The interiors were neat and clean. The furniture and tools inside the shop were apparently new. The designs pretty much reminds me of a coffee shop than a donut shop. Well, they do serve coffee and this store was supposedly a donut / resto / coffee shop hangout place in one. For whatever they wanted to achieve, it seems a bit confusing for the customers though.

Given that there was quite a long line already; I guess we customers would've appreciated that this other counter could be open. Unfortunately, as per the staff that all came and go and just pass by; this is just reserved for the coffee orders / cafe shop. And since all of us were queuing for the donuts, we all had to go thru the long line at the other end. Talk about smart servicing huh?

In fairness, we enjoyed the view. The way they took the orders; how the donuts are prepared; how much time does it take to prepare the donuts, etc. We all observed that. However, I guess the shop has to consider that people are going there not to watch them do the donuts but to buy and eat their donuts lah~. It's an added perk, yes (and it's pretty obvious they wanted to show that - given the unobstructed view of the preparation / making process at the back). It's just that, that's not what we came there for.

I got tired lah~ Seated at one couch watching the queue ...

My buds, Erelyn and Melanie

I was so wasted and sleepy already so I stayed at the couch after exactly and hour (1 hour) long wait at the line and yet we're not yet served. I was able to take a short nap before my buds called me that it's almost our turn.

The donut selection process wasn't at all a breeze. Due to having a lot of customers; the donut trays appear almost emptied and takes some time before they get replaced. They have flyers given at the start of the line and a big menu board on top but of course, us customers would want to choose from the actual products displayed. So for us and the rest of the customers in line; we had to wait for the replacements to come and choose from there. Of course, that adds up more time for each customer than save ...

The space for each staff / crew was too-little that it appears overcrowded at most point. They almost-always cannot move freely given the busy work they're doing at the back of the counter. The other photos above would also show how busy they are. I guess this technique would work if not for the little space. If they have more space, then yes; please do show us how you do them. But not in such a narrow area.

And given the obvious attempt to showcase how donuts get done; there's this somewhat mini-donut-counter where they dip and do other stuffs I guess, situated right beside the counter. It is strategically placed to really show the customers how it's done. Does it add appeal? Unfortunately, I guess not. It looks disorganized and not palatable.

It was a rather slow service so I had the time to really take lots of photos. All good photos though and I think the donuts look really yummy. They're served / displayed on glass plates that adds up to their appeal. Their flavors are unique and not similar with other famous brands, I guess. Well, there are some similarities but overall, it is good and the flavor names are new. Will it match up to the taste?

My 2nd Dozen (from the 2 Dozens I ordered)

I think in the end, the taste justified the wait time. It was definitely delicious! Each flavor is mouth-watering and definitely worth the price.

  • Unique flavors
  • Adequate donut size and toppings and fillings
  • Yummy! Very delicious taste!
  • Budget-friendly
  • Too slow service / long wait / queueing
  • Dozen box order cannot be placed on 2 separate half-dozen boxes - you have to carry that big, dozen sized-box, otherwise you'll pay the half-dozen price each box (which will cost more)
  • Too-narrow work space for the crew
  • Counters / cashiers need to be fully utilized and optimized especially when there are lots of customers
  • Counters / displays / structure of the cafe and donut and cashier areas are not strategically placed (or so it seems)  

It would be a much better customer experience if these feedback points would be improved. It does taste good yes but again, customer experience! Hope they can bear that in mind.
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (3 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:

Have you tried these donuts? What do you think?

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