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Red Essentials with Maxnina Clothing

4/02/2013 08:53:00 AM Chai Chen 26 Comments

A few months back, I went on as a bridesmaid in one of my friend's wedding. I used to be a bridesmaid in a bunch of my friends' weddings; and a number of my relatives' weddings.

White Swan?
Wedding dresses must be white yeah!
It's been more challenging years back since there's not a lot of tailors available and you really have to go to some remote places to have the gowns done. I remember once instance when I was a young teen and had to dress up. I had to go with mom and my cousin just to get my fitting / sizing done and we had to do it for a number of times, until the actual dress is done. 

Well, now, gone are those days when we have to undergo that hassle of going to far away stores and repeatedly do it just to get our entourage clothing done. While it's now much easier given the  growth in such stores; it's also much easier that we now have access to such clothing via virtual or online shops.

The recent wedding I attended have gathered inspirations from the dresses in this shop too. From the bride's own gown to all of the bridesmaids' dresses - everyone's clothing seem to have been inspired by this shop's offers. Isn't it great to avoid the hassle of physical shopping and fitting? And Maxnina offers that! The shop offers wedding gown and tons of other clothing in the shop. Go ahead and discover more ...

Wedding Dresses
Wholesale Clothing Online

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My friend's wedding gown has been a mixture of different styles in this shop. Maxnina offers tons of gowns and dresses and they have dresses of all styles; even men's / women's fashion clothing. Dresses are arranged by category and can be easily found by the latest dresses. And while I don't have plans to get married yet, it's fun to see the new styles ins gowns that are available. Even more, the bridesmaid dresses. The fun, perky, colorful styles are all available; I wanna collect them!
Satin Mermaid Chapel Train Strapless
with China Embroidery Evening Dress Homecoming Dress YSP1251
I believe I need to do a separate write up about my friend's wedding and the dresses we've worn but the dress choices were all from this shop. The red gown above is ... well, I just had to put it there because I think it's beautiful and it's something I wish to wear ... Asian-inspired wedding! And while yes, I believe wedding dresses should remain white ... I still love these red gowns! I want a cheongsam wedding dress too! And talking about cheongsam and Chinese-inspired somehow, these are a few dress choices I loved ...

Satin Short Strapless Column Dresses - Style L144021
Knee Length China Style Satin High Neck Cap Sleeve
Bridesmaid Dress Graduation Dress with Belt YSP0208
Lace Floor Length Mermaid High Neck
Evening Dress Bridesmaid Dress YSP1257
I definitely love oriental fashion! So even with my regular dress choices, outside of wedding events; but just for my regular office wear among others; I pick similar oriental styles. Good thing Maxnina also offers wholesale women's clothing and the selection is quite a ton!

Red Dress Choices:
  1. Women Red Lace Spliced Fashion Zipper Over Hip Dress H5999r
  2. Women Red Letter Printed Korean Fashion Over Hip Dress H5946r 
  3. Women Wine Red Korean Spring New Fashion OL Lotus Leaf Trim Stand Collar Blouse S/M/L/XL XVR1385wr 
  4. Women Red Houndstooth Waist Spliced Dress H5863r
Aren't they lovely? I think this shop has a good promise too. And while no, I haven't really purchased anything yet from them, I think it has a good stock of items matching the trends now and styles that suit our tastes. Given that wedding essentials are now available at the click of a button and right at the edge of our fingertips, it's great to know that these shops offer what we want and need nowadays.

Do check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^)


Do you have a review of this shop? Share them with me too! (^_^)


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