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Marching to Spring Top Trends with Clothingloves

3/20/2013 09:24:00 AM Chai Chen 147 Comments

Floral Spaghetti Straps Korean Fashion
Chiffon One Size Fitting Sexy Dress $11.30
Are you Spring Ready? I've been reading a lot of Spring trends on clothing and I can't help but jive with the trends as well. It's overwhelming! Lots of lovely colors, loud prints, and pretty designs all together - be it in clothing, accessories, and jewelries. I hope we all have enough space in the closet for restocking these items hehe.

What trends are you filling in your closet this time?

One of the trends that's definitely not going away is the Floral Prints. I see it in multitude of different designs, patterns, and mixed prints, and colors too. The most common is pastel and pink, mixed with light colors like white. Featuring one of my partner shops' top sellers, this dress on the right definitely suits that trend so if you want to stock up on some; go grab this one now!

Allow me to feature a few more Spring Trends that are so in season from this shop as they have probably almost all, if not all, of the season's best clothing and accessories that you're looking for - all in one shop! That's right! It's just at the edge of your finger tips, revolutionizing your shopping experience! They have tons of wholesale dress like this one above. Go on and check for your self what can be in store for you!

Wholesale Womens Clothing
Women Chiffon Shirts

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Another trend that's not leaving us yet this season is the Nautical Prints / Style. The splicing stripes in navy blue, black, reds, and greens; among others are definitely here to stay as well.

Navy and White Korean
New Navy Style Mini Cotton Women Dress $11.69

What's best is that the shop's clothing are priced at a definitely lower alternative without sacrificing quality. I've personally received an item from this shop and whatever shows on the picture is exactly the same as the item you'll get. My full details on my review will be posted soon (gosh too much backlogs lah~)

Black Slim Hot Sale Korean Fashion
Strapless Striped Long Dress $10.62
This much lower pricing is because the shop offers wholesale clothing deals that makes it much affordable for regular fashion frenzy shoppers like us. Of course when we shop online, we definitely look for the great deals only right? Where we could all save the hassle and stress of physical shopping and getting the value of our hard-earned money.

And talking about stripes; the Monochromatic Stripes / Black & White is not going away in terms of trend as well. We see that a lot, be it in small lines or bigger linings, causing a slimming silhouette effect. I am 100% a fan of this style!

If I'm going to to make like a Top 5 List of Spring / Summer Trend from this shop, the fourth would be Polka Dot Prints and Pastels altogether. I think this style never went off-season anyway since last year. And it's just really complementing the colors now with pastels - pink, powder blue, lilac, etc.

Black Korean New Fashion Pockets
Sweet Dots Women Vest Dress $9.89

And last but definitely not the least, we still have the Mint / Emerald Green Tones (Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year) that's still blazin' hot this season. We see that a lot in dresses like these summer dresses in season.

Maxi dresses, corporate dresses, etc. The color actually has quite a number of variations, which is definitely beach-ready and summer-friendly! Aqua, turquoise, etc. Name it, you have it!

Blue Beaded V-Neck Slim Fitting
One Size Women Fashion Cotton Blend
Long Dress $19.48
Are you planning to have some tan this summer? Moreover, do you have a beach-ready body this season? Well, ready or not, Spring / summer is definitely here! Can't wait right? The season is ready for us. I, myself, am not ready lah~ The flabs on the tummy are not going away. But WTH! Just go with the flow!

There's still definitely a lot more items you can get from and you'll surely enjoy the savings that go with your purchases. Did you know you can also buy wedding dresses from the shop? It's absolutely amazing! You save the time and hassle from going to tailor shops and get a fast and easy transaction online!

You can choose from a number of styles, embellishments, etc. What's good to know as well is that, you can select your whole entourage's attire from here at absolutely pocket-friendly cost. All accessories and jewelries are also available in this shop. This season, you can also get whopping discounts of up to 75% Off. Choose specially-marked items and get buy wedding dresses at even less than $100.

Cheap Wedding Dresses
A-Line Wedding Dresses
Do check out the following links to start your shopping right now and see what I rave about with spring / summer fashion trends and wedding dresses! (^_^)

I'll share with you my review of this shop soon. Do you have a review of this shop? Share them with me too! (^_^)

If you're also on Polyvore - you can check out my creations and like my sets. We can also follow each other (^_^)! I put a number of my style inspirations in there too.


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