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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Firmoo Retweet-To-Win Promo Gave Me a Free Eyewear

Firmoo, the #1 online Optical Shop has hosted one of the biggest giveaways recently. Last March 4; they gave away a total of 100 Free Pairs and to continuously promote the giveaway, they also hosted Facebook Share contest and Twitter Retweet promos. Being a partner to Firmoo and having hosted 2 giveaways sponsored by Firmoo; I've constantly supported their promos and advertised the shop's activities.

To my surprise, I've one of of Firmoo's amazing promos and that's the Retweet to Win Promo last February 28. What an amazing way to end the month, really! And to think, it's yet another month passing before I posted this ... lah~ So busy~ And yes, this is another scheduled post ... queued them already because I'm so stuck with a lot of work items ... so hopefully, you still enjoy my posts.

This is really cool! I guess my luck in giveaways haven't really gone off yet hehe. Oh gosh! I need to find time to post more of my giveaway winnings and reviews! I believe it's awesome! It's actually getting addictive, really. Joining giveaways is fun and winning them is much better! Happy to share my luck as well to everyone hence I also host giveaways for all you guys to enjoy too!

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So as per Firmoo's contest mechanics, I can choose any eyewear except Designer Glasses ... so I went thru Firmoo's gorgeous stocks of eyewear! These were my top picks ...

Women's full frame plastic sunglasses - OTO3549
  • Purple(C4)

Women’s full frame wrap around plastic sunglasses - OTO2506
  • Tortoise

Unisex full frame acetate glasses - ZS9004
  • Red(C4)

The Tortoise eyewear, unfortunately, has been phased out already. Too bad. Hmmm, so I opted for my first pick ... that gorgeous frame! So cute color and very feminine. It's valued at $49 which is actually affordable enough for such types of frames. It looks classic and elegant at the same time. That ribbon accent is definitely gorgeous! So stylish!

I believe Firmoo still has a lot to give and a wonderful partnership with them is flourishing between bloggers and other fashion enthusiasts alike. Their customer service and promo organizers are very easy to deal with and has been friendly to me, so far. It's very evident in their social networking sites and replies to tweets, messages, etc.

  • Easy to do mechanics (just have to be a registered Firmoo user and following Firmoo social networks)
  • Fast results (see confirmation image above)
  • 100% genuine (I received the prize! Yey!)
  • Friendly customer service (the ones who contact us via Twitter)
  • No hard-to-claim prize processes! It was a breeze! No more Steps 1-10 just to claim a prize!
  • Fast transaction (I won Feb. 28 > Got my code Mar. 03 > Placed order on Mar. 03 > Item shipped Mar. 08 > I got the product Mar. 12)
  • None. I really can't think of any. (^_^)

Do take note that this promo was a "separate" giveaway from the much-anticipated March 04 worldwide 100 Free Glasses Giveaway; which in the end turned out differently than their Share-To-Win and Retweet-to-Win promos. I am reviewing the one from Twitter. With that, I rate their shop and giveaways with ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^) I will post a separate review about the eyewear itself. I'm only reviewing their giveaway for now.
Good luck to your ventures too guys! Keep up the spirit in giveaways!



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