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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Office-Friendly Fashion Dresses from

I've written about this shop a few days back, as soon as I saw their gorgeoud products and my fixations on black & white clothing! I found lovely and affordable sets and shared my style inspirations from this post: Black & White Ensemble and Winners of my 1st Blog Giveaway! And as I was shopping around, I did find more products that suit my taste and style.

Readers of this blog would know how it's pretty challenging for me to dress up at work; given the complexity of the environment, my young age in a corporate setting, and the position I hold. It's either I sacrifice style or my post. LOL. Of course, I'd love to adhere to dress code policies hehe; but I'd also love to express my fashion sense in my daily outfits. It's great to see such fab finds from and I'm sure you'll find great pieces of clothing too! Check out my tips perfect for office settings!

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The shop offers wholesale fashion and this makes it more shopper-friendly as we get lower pricing without sacrificing quality. I am very choosy when it comes to my clothing picks too. I go to work everyday and my outfit needs to be presentable enough without looking too-grand nor too-sluggish. I'm glad to have found this one-stop-shop for that!

During casual days which could be synonymous to smart casual or dress down "dress codes" at work; of course it doesn't necessarily mean you can just come off in sporty attire nor too-rugged. With my role at work, I have to be THAT careful! Here's a few wholesale women shirts that will suit my casual needs for work!

Casual Floral Dainty with

And on days when we really have to fully dress up as in business casual or corporate attire; these wholesale dress shipping options are perfect for the looks I want to achieve. With these discounted fashionable dresses; I can simply pop in a blazer or a suit and the look can never go wrong!

ClothingLoves - Fashion Clothing Online

Officewear Fashion Dresses with

These outfits are what I can wear in a week following our office dress code! Do check out the following links to start your shopping right now and see what I rave about with office-friendly fashion finds! (^_^)
I'll share with you my review of this shop once I receive my items from them too. Do you have a review of this shop? Share them with me too! (^_^) If you're also on Polyvore - you can check out my creations and like my sets. We can also follow each other (^_^)!



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