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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Outfit Post: Dazzle Up In Colors

Not having enough parties yet? Haha! This other outfit I'm sharing is again, from one of our company parties and this actually happened since last year. I've already posted this look in Lookbook and as usual, I'm late again in blogging it haha.

I was thinking if I was to go dark or light for the party - darker colors or lighter shades? And since I was already in darker shades from my last outfits, I decided to go with lighter, more vibrant colors this time. It's the season of sparkles too, well, at least during that time! I went with pink hues - one of my favorite girlie colors! And knowing that the holiday season was almost up that time; I went a little thrifty with my outfit!

I actually just "mixed & matched" everything in this look! That's some savings then for me hahah! Some of my colleagues thought everything was brand new. But lah~ Everything here were just stocks in my closet. Thanks to styling! Woohoo!

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The party's theme this time was Superstar / Red Carpet or something (I actually couldn't exactly recall haha!) I was searching for fashion blogs too for fashion inspirations but meeeeh; I was restraining myself from buying new stuff so I had to settle with what I had in the closet so I simply just read some fashion & make up tips and called it quits! LOL. Instead of going with gowns and red-carpet appropriate style; I went with cocktail dressing instead.

I wanted to still have a statement look without overkilling it so I went out with these fabulous shoes from one of my favorite shops - Asianvogue Shop; who happened to be one of my sponsors in my 1st Blog Giveaway too. Wooohooo! The design was very popular with fashion bloggers and I knew it would be a hit for this event too. My outfit ain't too grand but with statement shoes; I achieved the look I wanted. Teeeheeee! This outfit post also served as my lookbook announcement for my giveaway as I was also wearing Bedazzle Accessories - one of my blog giveaway sponsors too.

Me, Erelyn, and Erica

It was a fantastic night! While it was definitely challenging, as it brought tears in our eyes too - a farewell party to be exact; it was wonderful to spend it with friends and colleagues. In the photo above, you can see me, Erelyn and Erica wearing bright outfits. It somehow eases the sad  moods in dressing up brightly! We'll stay happy as we all hold each other dear in our hearts.

Things will never be the same again after that night but life goes on with lovely colorsas we all wish each other well in the paths we had to take ... At the last hoorah, I've already let my hair down ... dancing all night was tiring and my hair do was ruined! LOL. Same thing with my shawl - I couldn't actually decide if I was going to put it up or keep it down. I had a hard time moving so I just had to untie it and let it down all night! LOL.

What do you think?

  1. GEO Super Nudy Blue Contact Lenses, Geo from GWYSHOP 
  2. Pearl Earrings, SM Accessories 
  3. Cleopatra Disc Color Block Necklace, Bedazzle Accessories 
  4. Black and Silver Shawl Scarf, SM Accessories
  5. F21 Fuschia Pink & Orange Assymetric Pattern Colorblock Bodycon Tube Dress, Forever 21 Philippines 
  6. Hot Pink Mccravy Clutch with Jeweled Finger Holes, Call It Spring - Philippines 
  7. Hermes Inspired Belt Bangles Bracelet in Rose Pink, Hermès 
  8. Gold Yolina Bracelet Watch, Sophie Paris 
  9. Gianmarco Lorenzi - inspired Suede Peeptoe Platform Slingback Heels, Gianmarco Lorenzi by Asianvogue Shop 
  10. Black Stretchable Waist Corset Belt, a'postrophe
  11. LOVE Ring, Itsy Bitsy 
  12. Silver Star Ring, Itsy Bitsy

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Do you like this look? Hopefully! (^_^) May you enjoy all seasons in bright colors!

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