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Doctor Snow's Papaya Milk Effective Hydrate Whitening Mask

12/01/2012 09:33:00 AM Chai Chen 50 Comments

This product I'm reviewing was sent to me by Magic Potions online shop for quite some time now, after I ordered one of their products (which I'm due to post a review as well ... soon hehe). I must admit I am not too vain nor too keen on skin care (so you don't see much of those posts here) until recently. Of course, it dawned on me that hey, I must really take care of my skin too, right?

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And especially the face! I thought that not putting much make up everyday will do the trick. But after reading several other blogs and getting recommendations from my derma, the scary fact about skin cancer and all those made me go crazy! Wooooo! Alright ... so even if I don't get much sun rays since I work at night, the whole day's dirt & residue and all the stress and other factors will definitely "age" our skin and cause lots of problems. And that's why we also must take good care of it and use supplements.

Proper facial wash, toning, moisturizing, and stuff is not enough anymore considering all the other environmental factors now. And products like this one I'm writing about comes to be of aid ... this one's called Doctor Snow: Papaya Milk - Effective Hydrate Whitening Mask. While I ain't really into whitening anymore (which you'll probably read in most of my skin care posts), there's more in this product that benefits me than just that. And so can do benefit you too. With 100% Papaya Essence, this definitely have more health wonders for you and me! (^_^)

Read more after the cut to know more ...

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The instructions and other texts at the back are mostly in Chinese and other languages. There are English translations though and allow me to share with you what's in store for you with this product.

  • contains fresh papaya
  • pawoaw enzyme
  • fresh milk
  • protein
  • vitamin B and C
  • arbutin
  • HA
  • microelements


  • Wash your face with water
  • Put the mask with bag into warm water for 2 minutes to avoid cold (if in winter)
  • apply the mask tightly on to the face
  • pat gently to let it touch the face more tightly
  • after 15 minutes, peel the mask off lightly (15-20 minutes)
  • certainly, you can keep the process last longer according to your self feel
  • desert product after use
  • wipe off liquid from the face with wet towel
  • use everyday for better effect


The product utilizes unique techniques to extract papaya enzyme and ferment from fresh "pawpaw." It combines fresh milk to promote skin metabolism, activate cells and dissolve aged cutin and melanin accumulated in pores. It helps unblock pores, remove toxins, and excessive sebum, eliminates acne, and pimples; and helps moisturize skin and lock in moisture; whilst improving cellular holding powder and flattening wrinkles. It even works to increase absorption of milk protein, and enhance composition of elastic fibers, leaving your skin exquisitely youthful and white!

Me and the Mask!
You can put on the eye packets on your eyes!
I was just posing for the pic hehe!
Then, I lied down and put them on.
Eyes closed!
My dog photobombed this!!!

Effective hydration and soften
  •  helps moisturize skin intensively, enhance composition of elastic fiber, and leave skin whiter and more youthful
Relieving smoothing Anti-Wrinkle
  • helps relieve skin pressure, prevents skin ageing, remove wrinkles, and enhance skin elasticity
Moisturizing Whitening, Sallow Removing
  • helps promote cellular metabolism, replenish moisture, and eliminate sallowness, leaving skin youthfully white and exquisite
Moisturizing Whitening Acne-Removing
  • helps moisturize skin intensively, regulate sebum secretion, and remove whelk, leaving skin whiter and youthfully hydrated
Right after peeling off the mask

My experience with this mask is definitely invigorating. The light feeling and silky-smooth effect it left my skin was definitely astounding! The photo on the right shows you the effect, right after I peeled the mask off. I left it for about 30 minutes to be exact.

Honestly, while I had it on, it had a little "itchy" effect on my face. I was tempted to remove it right away because I was scared it might case more problems than solutions. I was thinking there might be rashes already and stuff. But I braved it through; and continued. Later on, that feeling went away.

The mask smells sweet enough, probably with its papaya essence acting up. It left my skin feeling cool and supple. The serum is not too mild on the eyes though so I was careful enough when I put the packets on. I had my eyes closed tight enough so as not to allow it from getting in. Either way, I think it works well. I just wanted to try it on my eyes.

As instructed, remove the excess serum with wet towel. It was relaxing and relieving! Somehow, I noticed that little red spots started to show up - like on the sides of my nose, and on my forehead. I got a little worried but probably, it was just because my skin is not too used to this routine. LOL.

I put it on before sleeping and the day after, I felt my face rejuvenated. The red spots didn't last. It was probably just an immediate reaction but nothing like an allergy or sorts...

Overall, I think this product works well and it can be used more regularly to achieve better results. The immediate effect was also pretty obvious - whiter face! Not that I need more it (otherwise, I might look like a white lady or SADAKO already hahaha!) but its an effect of cleanliness. I guess I need to do this more indeed! Hohoho~

Will I recommend this product? Absolutely!
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
Check out the following for more details about this product:

Take care of your skin! Especially your face! But remember, beauty is always from the inside, and out! (^_^)

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