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Winter Aesthetic with Mango and That's Chic

11/01/2012 09:04:00 AM Chai Chen 74 Comments

If you liked my first post at Polyvore, I hope you'll like this one too ... And because of my busy schedule, this among others in the past few posts are queued ... lor~ Sorry lah~ Just wanted to make sure I still have something in store for you guys ...

I entitled this blog post with the same set title I named this style for. Is your wardrobe ready to take on fashion's most sartorial season? This is the challenge I saw from this Polyvore Contest by Mango and That's Chic. All we gotta do was to show them how we'll wear the most sought after trends for a chance to win a trip to Barcelona! Isn't that amazing? I'd definitely grab the chance!

It's time to put those Summer clothes away, and start embracing Fall! Are you loving leather or are you mad for maroon? Show blogger Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic your favorite Mango looks for a chance to win a trip to Barcelona! Entries must include two of the featured items. And since I'm loving this particular collection from Mango, I decided to create this look / style with all the items from the Featured Items List. Where else do I need to go, right? The winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Barcelona to see the 080 Fashion Show!

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Unfortunately, the contest is open to residents of specific regions only. Well, I'm still up for the challenge by showing this style board. Even if I can't win the contest, I chose my favorite pieces all from Mango and created this set - Winter Aesthetic with Mango and That's Chic.

Here's my look ... check it out.

What do you think?

Everything here is from Mango! I really love their collections and every season, I guess I buy a few pieces from our local shops here. Their clothing style is very versatile and I believe I can wear them every season.

My main formula was Black & White with a few accents. Winter's just around the corner and the collection wanted to focus on that while still combining favorites from the Fall collection. So I opted for this set.

My most favorite item is that color-block /silhouette dress that creates an illusion of sexy and glam chic for the one wearing it! I definitely need it haha. Whether going out for a party or going to the office like me, it'll definitely be a staple piece. Now of course, we gotta incorporate that leather jacket and this will never go out of style, I bet! Adding that scarf outside nor in the office too will be an eye-catcher. I have two shoes - a captoe heels and black booties that will be perfect for any occasion! For sophisticated woman and career-woman like me, this is a great style statement. Add that doctor's bag lookie, makes it perfect either for a work place or evening event.

I am satisfied with this look I created! It's sleek and trendy and still very-me with all these lovely fashion finds! I'll definitely post my own look with any of these pieces (especially that dress once I get my hands on them hehe)!

Hope you liked it! Get them from the nearest Mango shops and check out my posts about Mango too. (^_^)


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