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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shoe Obsessed with Beth Shak Shoe Collection

And just how much can a woman go crazy over a pair of shoes? How many pairs is enough and how much is too much?

I came across this article from Yahoo: Cinderella Shoe Trend: DSW, Louboutin Take on Princess Heels; and it was pretty interesting... until the video under the story as a snippet really caught my attention.

Beth Shak and her Shoes!
Photo c/o

It was about this girl's story - Beth Shak; about being shoe-obsessed. I must say this one is really crazy! Nope; not her! But I can't imagine how one person can own such a huge amount of shoe pairs in life! I guess it really hasn't dawned on me yet that there are indeed members of the upper 1% of the population and she's one of them! Yay! I love her shoe collection.

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I am a shoppaholic and a shoephoric I guess... not really much into bags but more into shoes and fashion clothing. I've set aside a photo album in Facebook to share my fandom and love for shoes! Hopefully, it wouldn't be an obsession I can't control! LOL.

Shoes are definitely a girl's bestfriend too - well, maybe next to diamonds. But for me, since I ain't too fond of diamonds anyway; shoes come first. LOL. There's something with them that has become therapeutic when we shop for them... and owning them later makes us girls treat them like "babies."

4 Shoe Closets for Beth!!!
Photo c/o

This is proven true then with Beth. Imagine having 4 huge shoe closet with each room being password-protected!!! Whooooaaa! I wonder what therapy it does for her hehehe but it seems effective enough. Reading about her story online and after watching a few videos made me actually admire her instead. She's been through rough times yet she's still smiling, and doing everything for her kids. Wonder mom! Hope she finds the love of her life soon! (^_^) I mean... whoever is that guy she's dating, may he be the "one!"

Watch this video (courtesy of Yahoo Screen) to find out about her shoe craze! If you want to know more about Beth, well, just google her name and you'll find lots of articles about her. (^_^) I do not own any of the pictures and video in this post; except for the actual words I've written - the photos & video are taken from other sources which I duly credited. (^_^)

What do you think? Is it too much or not? 1,200 pairs of shoes ranging from $600+++? Take note, she's a size 7 - we're of the same size. I wish she could donate some for me haha. Her daughter is a size 8 - she can't wear them! Too bad lah~ I can be your daughter too Beth! LOL. Well, kidding aside, her charity works are amiable - hope she helps more needy people and those shoes probably can! (^_^)



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