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Outfit Post: Fierce Floral (◡‿◡✿)

9/30/2012 09:20:00 AM Chai Chen 44 Comments

Office attire can be a little tricky sometimes ... I don't want to always look so-formal or so-corporate.
So sometimes, I play around with the trends and items in my closet.

Floral seems to be "in style" and while I don't really have much of these prints in my closet, I have few and this skirt is one of them. :) It has been an instant fave for me then because of it's uber-lovely pattern.

Prettiest Floral Print from Chicabooti!

I got it from one of the sale events I wrote a while back. Check out my 3rd Megabrands Sale Experience post. I think because of its color and style, I'm gonna be overusing it for quite some time hahah. Maybe I should've bought more of it then, what do you think?

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I think I only have two (2) skirts with floral prints. I really never thought I'd love it in the first place.

I was so boring when it comes to prints and it's only recently when I decided to play around with them hehe. Most of the time, I only wear clothes with plain colors and probably trendy style cuts but never really in prints. I guess it's obvious as well in this outfit, except for the skirt. (^_^)

Add black to a lovely floral piece makes it look fierce I guess. :)

Well, black is pretty much a staple piece in my closet. I have lots of items in black. Other than the fact that they make me look slimmer (always haha); they always appear elegant and classy! In this look, I used classic lace and sheer combination for my tops. It's one of my old tank tops with lace trim and I think it somehow achieved the "sexy" look because of its cut. My cardigan was sheer enough to bare some skin as well - making it, "double sexy." LOL.

And what's the best way to achieve even a more fierce and sexy overall ensemble? Add RED to your mix! Poof! Sexy and fierce overload! Did I make sense? LOL.

Add that sky high wedges ala-Louboutin in the picture - it even makes it more enticing!

Sky High Black & Red Platform Wedges!
Sexy Peep-toe design with slingback!
Louboutin? Nope. Asianvogue!
These lovely shoes have become an instant fave of my officemates as well. Aside from the fact that it's super stylish and in-style and in-trend now; they are amazed how I could still walk around and run with them. Well, of course; they're very comfortable! I myself, am amazed!

Red + Black outfit = sexy fierce!

Who said office attire is boring? Of course you can still be stylish! I just did! I experimented a little and this was the result!

I did not try to over-accessorize anymore hehe. I think my accessories might steal away the look of my lovely skirt so I kept them minimal.

How'd you find it?

  1. Paper Scissors Brown Braided Belt, Chicabooti
  2. Black & Red Peep Toe Slingback Sky High Wedges, Zuo You,
    Asianvogue Shop 
  3. F21 Tear Pointed Drop Earrings, Forever 21 Philippines 
  4. Xoxo Accessories Rhinestone Accent Silver Bangle Watch, XOXO 
  5. Sheer Black 3/4 Sleeves Cardigan, Push Paris
  6. Silver Fringe Bracelet, N/A
  7. Paper Scissors Floral Skirt, Chicabooti Ph 
  8. Black Lace Trim Tank Top, Get Laud! 
  9. Black Velvet Ponytails, SM Accessories

Where to find this look?

Fierce Floral (◡‿◡✿)
Lookbook | Tumblr | Facebook

Hope you like it! (^_^)

Get this look?


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