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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Eyeliner Faves from Fashion 21!

Breaking the outfits posts (LOL) ... lemme go back to my other turf ... beauty stuff!

Fashion 21 Dipliner
Being a cosplayer, make up is also a kit essential. And being a cosplayer with small, chinky eyes like mine, I need a very trusty eyeliner that will shade and define my eyes ... not to mention make it bigger.

While I do have other favorites; of course from my trusted brand as well, Etude House; there are other cosmetics or make up items that I play faves on because of their functionality and the overall look I achieve by using them. And one of the essentials in make up is an eyeliner. In cosplay; the only eyeliner I use is this one brand - from Fashion 21.

In one of my other eye make up posts, I reviewed EH pencil eyeliner. There are different types of eyeliners and this type is definitely one that I think every girl should invest on - liquid eyeliner.

From the brand itself, Fashion 21 Cosmetics, there are different types of eyeliners to choose from. Actually, the dipliner is even on a separate category from the liquid eyeliner. I already tried both types in black and so far, this is my favorite.

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I don't have steady hands so one of the features of this product, being a dipliner, is its pointed tip that helps lining the eyes be as smooth as possible! Did I make sense? Urrrmmm ... haha ... okay lemme make it clearer ...

The pointed tip makes the hand glides smoother hence, drawing the line on your lid or under; is made easier. You don't have to worry that it'll smudge or smear. It's smudge-proof!

In terms of drying time, it actually doesn't take too long; unlike other regular liquid eyeliners. It probably takes just a minute or two and then poof! It's totally dried up! It doesn't require me to keep my eyes closed though while drying. It's pretty fast to dry!

The color is very vivid as well. Unlike other black eyeliners I tried; it borderlines to grey when worn longer. It fades faster. And since this one is liquid; as it dries; it stays on. So the color stays as lively as it was the first time you applied it. For me, I don't need to retouch anymore, all day!

When I cosplay, this is extremely helpful too because, aside from the fact I don't have to retouch; it helps draw more lines on the eyes as I need it to be. It makes my eyes bigger and help achieve a more defined look with sparkling eyes effect! I normally wear false eyelashes though and lining those falsies on top is easier with this dipliner. It helps enhance my falsies! Woot!

Naruto Sannins Movie by *chenmeicai on deviantART
When it comes to cleaning it, I just use my Etude House Make-Up Remover and it comes off easily. Of course, we already know that we need to take off our make up before sleeping, right? It's a must! I have to say this one is tough so make sure you use a skin-friendly make up remover to take it off; than just soap and water. About the price, I must say it's highly affordable! It comes in with a P155 tag price at Watson's or SM Department stores. Other liners like this one costs more with other brands. Overall, I give it ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information: Beauty doesn't need to come with a hefty tag price! This one definitely helps budget-conscious kikays like me! (^_^) Chai


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