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Stress + Virus = Horrible Mouth Ulcers

2/18/2012 04:34:00 PM Chai Chen 29 Comments

I couldn't believe what happened to me some time December 2011 and it repeated recently this month, February 2012. It dawned on me that I'm getting unhleathy with my lifestyle and there's something I need to do or I can do to prevent this from happening again. At first, I wasn't sure what happened to me but as it has gotten worse and I wasn't healing, I consulted a doctor and that was the first time I've experienced and learned about my condition.

It wasn't fatal lah~ Good thing! However, I didn't realize that it could lead to that situation ... I had mouth ulcers.

And no, just becayse I am illustrating it with the photo below, it doesn't mean that it was exactly what happened to me. I just couldn't find a better photo that could exactly depict my condition back then. NO, I didn't have canker sores (that time) ...

I am blogging about it so I could share how I had it resolved and what totally caused it. As I search for answers, I thought initially it was a normal "singaw" or something ... but it turned out I had something different, as per the doctor.

From health blogs I read, and other medical journals, it appears like there are several causes and it depends on one's situation and state of mind. When I had mine consulted, it came off as a shock to me ... lessons learned ...

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It was last year, December 2011 (I think on the 2nd or 3rd week after my birthday), when I first experienced it. Me and my colleages went to Tsoko Nut Batirol at SM Makati and had lunch, after shopping for exchange gifts (office party stuff). I was sooo excited to drink my hot chocolate drink and demmit! T'was really HOT! Napaso ako! I felt my tongue went numb and dang! It hurts! Silly me, I couldn't control it hohohoh! It looked too-delicious not to drink right away.

The day after, I already felt little thingies sprouting in my mouth ... kadiri ba? Eeeewww! LOL. I could feel like 3-4 little humps!!!! Whoooaaa!!! What is this sorcery??? I looked in the mirror and saw 4 white spots on all corners of my mouth, near the gums. It was also all-reddish inside. I was getting scared!

From there, I couldn't speak properly anymore. Me and my friends are teasing myself ... I was speaking ngo-ngo style na! I didn't mind the bullying! LOL. I was bullying myself. But really, it was already painful. I couldn't eat well. I literally cry when I try to chew something or drink something. It was an awful experience. I went to Makati Medical Center right after my shift and since our HMO doctor for ENT wasn't available that day, I was referred to their Emergency Room / Section. I was really hopeful for a cure however, the attending physician seemed to only have laughed off my case. I was darn serious and couldn't speak well but he wasn't taking my case seriously. All he recommended was for me to gargle with Bactidol. He also said there's no cure for my case. The last thing he recommended was for me to sip on popsicles since sugar would be a good remedy and the cold temperature would alleviate my condition. I tried ... unfortunately ... I felt worse. Bactidol did help for about and hour but the pain recurs.

I didn't lose hope and I still went back to the hospital, waited in line to be attended by our HMO's ENT Doc. Thankfully, before that horrible week ended, I finally got attended to by the doc! I was relieved and I was grateful he fully understood my condition. It turned out that I had:
  • inflammed mouth - irritated inner linings
  • swollen gums due to viral infection
  • mouth ulcers / mouth sores with lesions and blisters
And he simply didn't just tell me to gargle. He was totally caring (naks!) His diagnosis seemed valid and it wasn't an ordinary "singaw" as we would put it. His medications / recommendations were:
  • Apply Rowagel 3x a day (after meals and before bedtime)
  • Before eating, take Difflame Lozenges at least 1-hour before meals
  • Continuously brush after eating and use mint-flavored mouthwash or Bactidol
  • Take lots of water and vitamin C; and enough sleep
  • Come back after 1 week if it doesn't heal
I totally followed his advise and was religiously doing this routine. I guess I owe it all to Rowagel and it does make the healing faster.

This is now part of my kikay kit and I bring it daily. I dunno but I guess I've been attached to it; making it my quick remedy for future cases. Last week, I had another case and it was canker sores instead. It didn't last for more than 3 days this time as I've prevented it from getting worse! Thanks to Rowagel.

So last year, it was a painful 2-weeks for me under medications. What's the root cause? S-T-R-E-S-S! Yes! Regardless of how unbelievable it was, it is the cause. All the stress in my body (due to family problems, work-related issues, lack of sleep/rest, physical and emotional stress, etc.) have gone out altogether in that form. I was like ... WHOOAAAA! I really couldn't believe it was possible. However, I do guess it's more of a reminder for me ... to take better care of my health ....
I hope this post would help people like me who are dang wokaholic and need to take care of themselves better (^_^). Call center life ain't an excuse not to have a normal life.



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