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Thursday, September 17, 2015

When Stuck in Traffic in Manila, What Do You Do?

And yet more of the traffic news here in the Philippines!

When stuck in traffic, what do you do? @$#)"!DfKL90&%^
Naaahhh! Dun wanna curse but the feeling is meeehhhh ...

This daily morning traffic is a mess ... aside from all other local-issues pressed on us, citizens of the Philippines!!! *troll mode*

Me and My Troll Face!

And yesterday, what did the 2.5hrs travel / driving made me do (for a supposedly 30-45mins drive)??? THIS!!! Everyday Traffic Carmageddon in Manila Blabbers 09.16.15 ... and this is just one of the days! Hop on after the cut to watch the video ... This is in Filipino language though with some clips in English ... all at random.

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Was able to randomly capture my blah blahs and edited this vid. Had I received better signal/data connection (which is another issue), I might have uploaded this real time haha!! My brain explodes when caged lah~ All these from my phone camera only and edited using the mobile video app called Viva Video ... very easily done haha! Quick edits ... and all these during that horrible traffic!

Next time, I might be able to create a short film already. Pfffttt!!!! Oh well! Instead of me throwing tantrums inside the car, I just tried to troll myself while driving. Comic relief yeah! This traffic hullabaloo is worsening each day! I might not go home anymore huhubels! And as they say nowadays, when in Manila, expect the worst traffic! No amount of early preparation can make you as prepared!

I've seen other reactions to this traffic boohoo ... others go beast mode or went on road rage ... pig out ... among others hahaha! I read them from Top Gear Philippines Facebook and articles from When in Manila. Mind you, this wasn't even the longest I've been on the road at due to traffic. A few weeks back when we had that rally, I was on the road for 6-hours yeah! 6-freakin'-hours!!! And that was supposedly a 45-min. drive only. I just wanted to go to the gym ... I ended up with nothing to do then lah~

How about you? What would you do when stuck in such a bad traffic situation? Share your thoughts with me too. (^_^)


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