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Camille Co,

[Project Dress Code] Feature # 1 - Camille Co and Win a Michael Kors Ladies Watch

6/02/2013 08:42:00 AM Chai Chen 47 Comments

I've been post-less and haven't visited my readers and the blogs I follow these past few days ... lah~ Sorry my dears! Been caught up with a lot ... Today, I'm launching a new feature in this blog and I'm calling it Project Dress Code. I've scheduled this post (and more of the posts to come) and written a while back ... just kept on moving because of other past posts hehehe ... My busy schedule keeps me moving. I've been thinking about this but haven't really blogged about it though, nor share it to you guys until today. You've seen my own version of it before: Dress Code Policy: Love It? Hate It? Whatnots? And now I wish to envision it on others ... So without further ado, I just launched it! LOL. No explanation needed! Haha!

Well, technically, I aim to feature fashion bloggers, celebrities, and even other people who may not be active in the social media world, who have influenced my style.

I live in a corporate environment where image plays a major role and as you may have read more and more in my posts - my past dressing style may either have been too young for my position or too old for my age. There's this balancing act that I always had to portray. It's been rather tough but thanks to these people and inspirations; I was able to pull it off.

This project also aims to share the looks of these people that will fit the office environment where I'm in; hence called "dress code." For a week's time, given the way they dress and style their outfits; which one of those would "fit" in the dress code? So somehow, this also shares my sense of style or how I'd style my looks based on their looks / outfits as well. Truly, filled with inspiration and love for fashion to share! I wish this series to be some-what regular on a weekly basis or a bi-weekly basis. Keeping my fingers crossed (^_^)

And today, my first feature is none other than Camille Co - one of my favorite fashion bloggers in the Philippines; who's also very popular worldwide.

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We all know Camille as that First Mango "IT" Girl who won that competition amongst many hopefuls in the modeling and fashion blogging world. Of course, it's every girl's dream ... or almost. Mango is a known fashion brand and that chance is truly one of the most coveted ones. That, among many others; would fill up a list of achievements of this young fashion enthusiast. She's also a sought-after clothing designer and she's been contracted to many prestigious events. This blog page may not even be enough for me to list them all. I just dedicate this page then to her - who have inspired me a lot in my way of dressing since, roughly 2010 or 2011 I think? Can't even count ...

So now, let me share with you her looks that would fit my dress code ...








What do you think of this project? Do you like it? I hope so. This worked for me and has transformed my way of dressing and style. I hope it helps you all as it helped me too. For fashion enthusiasts who are having a little bit of a challenge blending in or dressing the right way, this one's for you as well. Let's keep on inspiring each other! (^_^)

I wish to deliver just one to two looks each dress code but, well ... since this is the first edition - I have five Camille Cos in each! That's a bonus!

Always remember, it's not the dress or the clothing that should define us. Whatever we do, our attitude and principles define who we are and what we are and how we work. The dressing just comes as secondary. (^_^) Keep on smiling!

Chronograph Bronze PVD Rose Plated Watch
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