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Firmoo Sunglasses Purple Frame Product Review and Winners of the Favordeal Accessories Giveaway

6/29/2013 09:24:00 AM Chai Chen 121 Comments

Firmoo, the #1 online Optical Shop is no doubt, one of the most sought-after online shops because of their classy eyewear styles that suit every fashionista's needs. They also collaborate with a lot of fashion bloggers and do a lot of social networking with many users worldwide. Their fast-rise to success is definitely inevitable! Millions of fans await their promos and of course, their highly anticipated giveaways - me included!

I have blogged about them for quite a number of times already and the most recent features the giveaway piece from their Twitter promo ... Check one of my previous posts: Firmoo Retweet-To-Win Promo Gave Me a Free Eyewear Isn't it amazing? The eyewear I chose is Model Prescription Sunglasses #OTO3549 - P2187 in Purple (C4) color. I promised to do a product review and it took me a lot of posts before I finally got to post this haha. Sorry my dears! My posts are almost-always scheduled due to my busy work life so some posts get to move along dates I originally intended to post them ... and sometimes I collaborate with a lot of partners with definite dates so I gotta prioritize. Oh well ... the time is here now so lemme do my review for this product ...

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This was my top pick since then ... I loved the intricate design and available color and tint for this model so I was so happy when I finally got it ...

Women's full frame plastic sunglasses - OTO3549
  • Purple(C4)
I was so excited to receive my First Firmoo Eyewear!!! I collaborated with them with a few giveaways and this time around, I got my own eyewear from the shop.

My item came in spic and span! My giveaway review appears on my blog post about it so this one will focus on the actual product. You can see here it came with a complete set - with product invoice and stuff.

It came with a cute, purple plastic case, embedded with Firmoo original design logo. It's carefully packed in bubble wrap to avoid unnecessary breakage during shipping. Accompanied with a soft, pink cleaning sheet, a black pouch, a pin tool for fixing, it has a complete package every eyewear fanatics would love to have!

I love how durable the product is and the glasses seem scratch-free. I almost-always use it daily because it easily matches my outfit with the white and purple combination. The plastic frames are very sturdy and doesn't break easily. I normally just put them in my bag even without the pouch nor the case because I don't want to add more stuff in my bag. It doesn't have scratches nor signs of wear and tear until now, even though it mixes with my other stuff in the bag. Yeah, careless me! LOL.

These large wrap around sexy sunglasses are beautifully crafted for the purpose of extreme charm and glamour. The white butterfly / ribbon accent knot on each arm frame can fully develop your femininity! Really cool product feature!

I believe Firmoo still has a lot to give and a wonderful partnership with them is flourishing between bloggers and other fashion enthusiasts alike. Their customer service and promo organizers are very easy to deal with and has been friendly to me, so far. It's very evident in their social networking sites and replies to tweets, messages, etc.

  • Complete product package set with proper papers and declaration
  • Durable materials. Scratch-free glasses. Sturdy frames
  • Feminine design and color combination (purple and white)
  • Beautiful frame accent - ribbon / butterfly knot on the temples
  • Large glass frames for great eye coverage (bug shades trend)
  • Nice tint gradient shade, perfect for that illusion!

With the giveaway itself that I have a separate review about ... this product review alone makes me give them ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^)
Do you have product reviews as well about Firmoo and their eyewear? Share them with me! Oh yeah by the way, both my photos above are posted on my Instagram / Webstagram accounts. Follow me @chenmeicai and I'll follow you back (^_^) Just let me know!


So who won my recently concluded Ice Goddhez x Favordeal Flavorful Accessories Giveaway #ChaiChenGiveaways ... winners' names will be displayed below ...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS: I'm hosting another giveaway soon sponsored by Firmoo so stay tuned!


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