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Outfit Post: ♥♡◑❤ ~ The Bridesmaid ~ ❤◑♡♥

5/24/2013 08:57:00 AM Chai Chen 60 Comments

I've been a bridesmaid to most of my friends' weddings ... though it ain't as many as the movie 27 Dresses yet; I must say my outfit has adapted to trends too. The most recent wedding I attended was, well, not-so-recent anymore. LOL It was November last year, for one of my team members and a dear friend. To date, this is my most favorite theme as well. The colors are perfect for spring and the 2013 color trends.

Me as a Bridesmaid :)

I don't have a lot of solo shots here so I'll mostly post group photos and a few videos too for your enjoyment, my dear readers! I must say this wedding is definitely a lovely event. The theme song was so captivating as well and the location was great! I had a great time with the guests and of course, the newly wed couple. Our outfit colors of course, couldn't escape your eyes too I bet. Go check them out ...

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I've never been a "flower girl" in weddings but I've been a "bridesmaid" for quite a few times ... so happy to see the wonderful couples tie the knot! To friends, relatives, etc. It's such an honor to be a bridesmaid :) Though it seems a bit tiring - from makeup to dressing up, and walking and walking and walking ... it is still great to celebrate wonderful weddings with friends.

I will do another post about how I did my makeup here (^_^) I didn't get the services of the makeup and hairstyling provider already. I already had a different idea in mind to match the theme.

With my fellow bridesmaids ...

The lovely couple - Caloy and Mulan

Aan helping me tie my hair with the blue floral hair accessory

I really love the theme as it's so fashion-friendly! The colors are very pleasing to the eyes. They also brightly show the vibrant happiness, towering over the reluctant sadness ... How I wish to be as happy! To Mulan and Caloy - long life together! (^_^)

It was really a lovely experience. While I was really in a down moment that time, I was able to forget all the worries and just stayed happy for my dear friend. She really appeared lovely and happy that day. Everyone was just happy for the couple. And us bridesmaids were as happy to wear this beautiful ensemble.

What do you think?

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