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Beat The Summer Heat with Romwe Swimwear; Enjoy Romwe Outlet Flash Sale! Upto 80% OFF! 200+ styles!

5/21/2013 08:52:00 AM Chai Chen 42 Comments

Romwe Fashion is undoubtedly the fast-rising online fashion shopping haven right now. It's popular among news sharing sites, social networking tools, fashion blogs, among others.

Coastal Scenery Print Swimsuit
by Romwe
It seems that Romwe is setting the trend in all aspects - be it clothing, accessories, among others. They opened our eyes with their fast-selling and highly popular leggings! All amazing designs, and I, myself, am a fan of their fantastic leggings design. In fact, I have more than five (5) pieces of it right now.

And given this, they're taking online shopping again by storm by introducing outrageous designs in the swimwear category this time. It's not something new, really. Some designs were in stock since last year as I am personally seeing them. However, they're revamped their style and introduced new designs as well - with more styles and colors coming every now and then.

The swimwear designs are actually similar to the leggings - digitally printed to some; while the others come in different cuts and colors. Whether a bathing suit, a 2-piece swimwear; it is available at Romwe. One thing's for sure - when it's a Romwe product, it's definitely a sure hit.

But what do you think? Are these swimwear designs yay or nay? Do you think it's too wild? Or, are the designs just "right" or "apt" for the season and the trend nowadays? Let's review ... Click after the cut to read more ...

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I believe Romwe has been known for introducing wild designs and yet getting accepted by the public. The attention on swimwear has caught my attention as I watched this particular episode from Ellen Degeneres, as she had her monologue about the Bathing Suit Season. Here, take a look ...

Some designs may indeed appear too tacky or too-wild to wear in an open beach, let's say and I kinda thought of that too after watching this. One of those designs as I can personally say is this Lion Face Deep Cut Swim Suit - I mean, I guess I wouldn't want a lion's mouth print anywhere near the crotch area; don't you think? But well - fashion bloggers have found another way to wear it! Thanks to creativity!

Lion Face Deep Cut Swim Suit
by Romwe
Lion Face Deep Cut Swim Suit
worn by fashion blogger - @Romwe Tumblr
Lion Face Deep Cut Swim Suit
worn by blogger at Romwe Lookbook Fashion Collection Facebook Page

Here's a few other designs I wouldn't want to be caught with ... uhmmm, just my personal choice ...

Batman Poster Print Swimsuit
I wish Batman can stay on kiddie print shirts ...
I'm a fan of comics and such character ...
but never imagined them on swimwear ...

Galaxy Print White Gauze Splicing Swimsuit
I am ok with galaxy print on my Romwe leggings instead ...

Dog Head Print Swimsuit
It's too cute ...
But I'd want this on a shirt instead ...
Or I can wear it under pants ...

But of course, it's not all that wild. I'd definitely still sport these styles (if I have the perfect beach bod for these beach wear! LOL) I find them cute and in-style! Nothing conventional but too cute not to pass! I wish I can wear them! (^_^)

"U.S. Flag" Bikini
A little patriotic but, this can pass ...
Dots Print Layered Swim Suit
This is old-fashioned I guess but nothing beats classic!
Love the long bathing suit 1-piece style with polka dots!

Green And Mint Checkered Print Swimsuit
Checked + Minty Style = hot this season!

Yay or Nay? But one thing's for sure - Romwe's marketing for all these will surely make it a s success, nor matter what, worldwide! Check out the links below to find out more!
How about you? Which one is your favorite?
Will you wear these designs? Share your thoughts! (^_^)

Romwe Outlet Falsh Sale! Upto 80% OFF! 200+ styles!
Limited supply! No restocking once sold out! Only 3 days!
Hurry up >> Romwe Outlet Falsh Sale!
From 21st to 23rd May.


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