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Friday, January 11, 2013

Early Pinkish Spring with

Well, this is actually the title of my entry to this awesome contest hosted by Been rather busy these days ... sorry my dear readers! Will visit you again soon ...

I envision Spring with pink and blossoms! I feel that florals showcases that lovely look! With that, I chose comfy yet edgy items to match the girly look I was thinking of. The tweed shorts I found are awesome and would definitely add that unique touch! Hence, those cool shorts are the ones I paired with the floral sweaters I found serving as tops. Curious how my entry turned out?

Wanna know how you can participate in this contest? Click after the cut to find out how and view the look I created ...

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The steps are so easy ... check it out below:

And this is the look I created ...

Early Pinkish Spring SheInside!

I paired the 2 floral tops I chose with comfy pinkish sneaker wedges and doctor bag. I think that while winter is getting off soon, these lovely sweaters would still be in "season" this spring because of the floral and pinkish prints. With those cool sunnies too, no doubt this look will catch the spring attention!

Comfy, edgy, yet girly vibe it shows! That's how I'd wear my SheInside items this Spring. How about you? How would you wear your spring outfits? Share them with me too (^_^)

If you have Polyvore accounts, feel free to like my Early Pinkish Spring Sheinside Entry. (^_^)



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