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Outfit Post: ⚓ Oh So Nautical!

11/10/2012 09:12:00 AM Chai Chen 74 Comments

As a blogger (well I can't really label myself as a fashion blogger because my posts don't focus primarily on it but ... somehow I love fashion posts soooo), I guess it's inevitable not to share our fondness on clothing, accessories, shoes, and whatnots so outfit posts are included (such an excuse? LOL). But most bloggers would post their looks and blog their stories first before uploading in their other social media platforms. Me - I normally post straight to my lookbook account before I blog hahah. Guess I have more other content to share and post lah~ And there's still so many stories behind the outfit posts that I want to share but there's so little time to write hehehe. Oh well ... here goes my next post ...

You can see how much I love how longsleeves tops like this one as they can easily transform your look to something more formal. Good take on office wear I guess. It's even much better when it has this cute emblem ala-Harry Potter if I may say; making the look more college-like! Even perfect for a younger look & feel! I'm dominated with stripes in this look hence I say it's oh so nautical! ⚓  I spent time looking for that anchor icon as well to go with my look's title. LOL. Crazy right? I know!

There's a reason behind every style. There's a story behind every look. Bloggers spend time to tell those tales that others couldn't. Some might say we give such a big fuss over outfit posts and takes. But it's as important as every story that non-bloggers tell their friends. The only difference is that, we managed to put them in a post like this one. And we share it to the rest of the world, smooth sailing via cable wires and internet connections. Because we know in one way or another, our posts could inspire someone else ... the way we were inspired to dress up ... and the way that other people couldn't even spark that inspiration ....

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For this particular look, all I can remember was I wanted to achieve a preppy school-girl look without looking too-teeny-bopper. If I paired it with pleated peplum skirt that may have looked like a cheerleader outfit, I guess I would look too young; which may not be appropriate for an office attire anymore hehe. So I just used one of my old plain white skirt. This one is really versatile and I've worn it for quite a number of times now. I have it for ... I guess 4 years now? Really good quality!

Nautical Vibes! Gimme Stripes!
You could read in my outfit posts that it's really a challenge for me sometimes ... not all the time though but quite a number of times; to dress up corporate without looking too old. At the same time, I keep a balance in being age-appropriate. Having a dress code everyday can be troublesome yet fun at the same time. I played around with this look then with just minimal accessories but catchy ones. Just like these sunnies! They look much like the original Prada 27NS (That's what it's aptly called and now I know!) whereas it's a mere imitation of the curving temple frames and rounded sunglasses. Cute right?

The Fraternity Girl Society - 1988

Silver and Black accessories go well with my grey and burgundy knit top. I had this top for a little more than a year now and I'm glad to find out that burgundy is in-style this season so this matches the trend. Woot! This is really one of my favorite tops because it has a collar that makes it easy for me to mix-and-match for office wear. While the patch may be for school emblem or group / society (yeah that's soooo me!); it ain't really just fit as a school top.

With Footzyrolls Rollable Shoes
The skirt gets pulled a few inches up when I sit down or bend like for this photo but when I'm standing up, it ain't really that short. So hah! I can wear it at work. LOL. And normally, I just wear it with flats so as not to make it hard for me to walk. And since I'm just in one floor normally; I wear my rollable shoes so I can walk and run comfortably with them while at work. It makes it easy for me to do my floorwalks and do other stuff so thankfully, I got at least this trusty pair.

At the end of the day at work, what's most important is getting the job done! Doing it well in such a fashion sense like this one is just an added bonus! Take that for inspiration! (^_^)

What do you think? What are your inspirations?
  1. Silver Love Connector Rings, FIVEbyFIVE 
  2. Xoxo Accessories Rhinestone Accent Silver Bangle Watch, XOXO 
  3. Silver Square Bangle Bracelet, a'postrophe
  4. F21 Grey & Burgundy Long Sleeves College Patch White Collared Knit Top, Forever 21 Philippines 
  5. LOFT Big Waistband White Skirt, Ann Taylor The Off Price Store
  6. Black & White Bow Design - The Candy Striper Rollable Shoes, Footzyrolls Philippines (Official) 
  7. F21 Love Earrings, Forever 21 
  8. Black Sandy Filigree Rounded Sunglasses with Curving Temples Frame, a'postrophe
  9. 3 Black Diamonds With Rhinestone Accent Connector Rings, SM Accessories

Where to find this look?
⚓ Oh So Nautical!
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Share with me your looks too! (^_^)


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