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Sparkle & Shine With Lili Diamonds Jewelry

6/13/2013 08:37:00 AM Chai Chen 44 Comments

I had a recent opportunity to see a vast collection of fine jewelry available online. The jewelries are really gorgeous, and well-crafted. Each featured collection appears to be exclusive to the high class, considering its intricate design. I can only dream of having a piece. I wish to feature this brand then and garner thoughts on it ... I'm talking about Lili Diamonds to be exact.

Lili Jewelry collections dazzling Singapore at L'Officiel Magazine (November 2012)

They said, as the old cliche saying goes - Diamonds are girls' bestfriend. It's the most prestigious stone and best choice for a wedding or an engagement ring. The happiness and smile on a woman's / bride's face will be "priceless" given a diamond. Well, to each his own I guess; but it's really worth the investment; as most of our folks would say. The prestige and charm would last for many years and generations to come. That's why it's best to get yours from a trusted retailer or shop or manufacturer. This ensures you get the best quality and I believe, that this shop then provides that.

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Lili Diamonds is a renowned world leader in the field of straight edged diamonds manufacturing. The brand is internationally and widely known for its innovative special cuts, globally registered patents  and making them the brand's signature cuts worldwide. This seems to have paved a new path in the diamonds industry as they cater to protected diamond cuts; bringing spark to these luxurious jewelry types. Crisscut is one of those prestigious cuts.

The cut Crisscut®; quoting from the site; is the most brilliant way to cut a diamond, revealing its natural beauty. It appears to have long crisscrossed facets stressing the stone’s length. The glassy frame enhances its beauty and natural charm within those translucent lines. The shorter crisscrosses give us dreamers the feeling of depth. This wonderful cut style meshed together causes light to bounce off one another and give its patented electricity.

Looking at this type of cut / style; I can say I ain't really a fan of it but there's this transcending beauty that comes with this making it magically wonderful when seen on actual jewelries like these types I found online ...

Crisscut® Fancy Yellow Ring by Lili Jewelry
Crisscut® Ring by Lili Jewelry

Advanced technology is used to calculate and design Crisscut® in order to give it the kind of reflective quality and unmatched bright shine for such a precious stone. Its unique faceting optimizes the reflection of light, thus intensifying its brilliance. The process of making them is clearly shown in its sophistication and results. They effectively merge tradition with modernity.

Sarah Chapman, former Miss Nevada,
wearing Lili Jewelry Necklace, Earrings, Ring
and Bracelet
(featuring the Lily and Orchidea diamonds)
during Luxury and JCK 2012 shows

I was browsing thru the website and I've actually learned a lot about the different styles and cuts of these precious jewels. It's actually enticing and investing on one piece or two seems inevitable. I am personally loving the Lili Cuts I see, especially the necklace and earrings.These sumptuous rocks seem to be only available at Lili Diamonds ... nowhere else!

Surely, it seems that wearing a piece of this fine jewelry makes you look and feel like a star or a celebrity. It brings out the femininity of every woman like Ms. Sarah Chapman here. The glamorous life and aura is clearly exhibited in each photo snap. Features from international press truly showcase the glam and glory of every girl, embodied in each piece of jewelry and a photo wearing them, or even just beside them.

Wearing a combination of each cut in each piece of jewelry or line / collection seems to be not a problem at all. Each unique gem creates a synergy or brightly shining precious minerals and colors, giving that extraordinary yet lovely effect!

Above all, Lili Diamonds seem to be unparalleled when it comes to their passion for beauty and continuous improvement. They still find ways to attract new and old customers alike, launching different products like this other like called Meteor Cut. Their creative team surely doesn't miss a chance in studying, and developing new techniques and styles to match current demands. The products appear to be well-thought of with fusion of brand inspirations; and vast cultures in environments; making it the leader that it is now in the realm of diamond industry. A noteworthy story for a shop, indeed!

Visit the following for more information:

Would I recommend this site? I am yet to try them. Have about you? Let me know your thoughts. Will this be your choice too for your wedding? I guess for me, it would be. In more years to come ...shine bright like a diamond!


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