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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Mascara Topcoat

The only time I put on makeup is during special occasions and cosplay. I don't really wear makeup on a day-to-day basis. I'm lazy applying makeup haha. But of course when we apply makeup, we want good makeup that really enhances our beauty and supports the colors that we put on our face. And especially during cosplays, there's a specific look we would love to achieve. Most of the time during conventions, it lasts all day so it's best to have long lasting makeup to minimize retouching and ruining your makeup in the middle. And I'm glad I was contacted by Anastasia Beverly Hills to review one of their products that's really perfect for any special event, and of course, cosplays!

I was given the opportunity to select a product to review. I selected from their Best Sellers list then since I was curious about what those products had to offer and why they were considered best. Back in February, one thing I'm seeing being advertised that much on the site was the Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Topcoat. I was thinking if I'll ever use that since I ain't really a "mascara" type of person - like, I don't really have a lot of mascara at home nor do I use it much. But there's more to that, which it can offer ...

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Lash Genius claims to instantly waterproof, refresh, and protect any mascara all day, without the typical drying or clumping. Its advanced, lightweight formula promises to glide on smooth on the lashes. It commits to dry quickly, and still give lashes a touchably soft lacquer finish that lasts all day! And I was lucky enough to be able to try it!

The package arrived very neatly as it could be. It's carefully wrapped and packed in bubble wrap / envelope with complete declaration. Shipping took some time though. I believe they shipped by end of January and I got it mid-March only.

It was probably due to all customs needs in the Philippines and stuff ... but anyway ... what's important is I got it already, in its complete packaging. It came with this material that clearly describes what the product can do, with all the glamorous photos showing its effect. I will share that with you in the video blog, which I'll upload soon! (^_^)

Here's one page I can share with you all now - as it describes the product best. It waterproofs when you want it to be! It lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts .... It doesn't clump. It's a colorless topcoat. It's hypoallergenic and doesn't dry the lashes. Overall, it waterproofs any mascara and doesn't harden it, but refreshes it instantly. I must say it was pretty effective!

It's really a perfect makeup companion then, especially for long lasting events; as it holds the lashes up in place, leaving it moisturized all day. It also works even with falsies - meshing them together with the lashes and leaving them tied together with a seamless look.

Lash Genius gives false lashes a real finish you won't believe. I tried it. Simply put the false lashes as we normally would and then apply the Lash Genius from the root of the real lashes to the tips of the falsies to seamlessly blend the lashes together for a flawless finish! And voila! Perfectly blended lashes! I wouldn't mind having long day photoshoots then!

As a cosplayer, one of my challenges with lashes is when I use falsies that don't really look seamlessly blended with my real lashes; or when they come sprouting out of nowhere. It doesn't look good on photos then - either it looks like the falsies are just put on top or like there are double lashes on the lids. And this product then, I would say, is very helpful! Proven and tested!

Aside from the very nice and lovely packaging, the actual tube itself is awesome! The brush wand has normal bristles as it seems. It makes applying to the outer lashes and bottom lashes a breeze! With me having really short lashes to begin with, I need such bristles so it can capture my lashes. Otherwise, I might smear the contents all over my lids.


  • Great packaging and lovely reading material
  • Regular shipping duration (though it was supposedly an express service; probably delayed only due to customs)
  • Volumizing effect
  • Great value for a $21 retail price
  • Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, paraben free, fragrance free
  • Doesn't dry nor clump the lashes / mascara
  • Provides a smooth finish on real lashes
  • Gives false lashes / falsies a "real" finish / seamless effect with the real lashes
  • It lasts all day
  • It does waterproof the mascara - doesn't smear nor smudge and protects the lashes
  • Needs a waterproof makeup remover to use before completely removing makeup on the face
  • Perfect for long lasting / all-day occasions and events like cosplay conventions

I don't find any reason why I wouldn't recommend it so I give it this rating ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
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The product I tried is a free sample / sent to me for a review. My review is just a result of my own personal use and opinion. (^_^) Stay tuned for my video blog on my Youtube Channel soon, featuring this product. Have you tried this yet? Let me know in the comments!


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