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I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age With Wacoal

11/04/2012 10:36:00 AM Chai Chen 113 Comments

When I was in my early adolescent stage, I never imagined that there is technology involved in the inner garments we wear. As I matured more, I realized there's even fashion involved in it. And as the trend in lingerie and intimate apparels evolve, so does its functionality and ability to provide the needs of every woman. I'm glad there are companies such as Wacoal who realizes that and the need of every woman to be beautiful, delivering their high quality product for all women in the world.

Wacoal was one of the first (or at least how I knew it) to help ensure that every woman gets the right fit & size for their bra. Not only that it's dangerous to wear the wrong type and fit; it's also unhealthy and causes a lot of problems later on, especially as we all age. Thankfully, Wacoal does take this into consideration as well and makes sure that us, women, find our perfect fit for our uniquely, yet beautifully shaped body; depending on our age. I didn't really know that there are such types and categories before - until I discovered it here. It's a health choice to find the right bra for support as we grow and reach our prime. I do have my own pick now so check it after the cut ...

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I am in my 20s so the catalogue choices for me appear here. I agree that women in their 20s are fun-loving and experimental.

This is when we choose fashion trends and form than function. It's the phase when women like me are more enticed with trends like lace, bows / ribbons, fun colors, halter / cross-cross and other straps designs; full cup of 3/4; among others. Of course, we still shouldn't forget that while we like that inner-fashionista in our intimates; these undergarments shouldn't be undermined with how they best support our breasts. Non-conventional as they may seem and how we want it to be; it must still help support than let our bust sag. Let's not forget our spine too!

With this, my fave pick is their SA2504 from their SORCI AGE line. The bra is a thickly padded three-quarter cup brassier that helps create a cleavage effect as it pushes the bust from the side to center. And since I'm a corporate chic woman, I need this one as it helps give me the form and support I need at the same time; whether I wear a plunging neckline (well, not really too-revealing since I'm in a corporate workplace); a v-neck top; a tube top with a blazer; any other top would have that snug fit as well; making it hug me comfortably without worries!

Wacoal offers a wide variety of choices that fit every age! Check out their latest collections now and find out for your self how you can be body beautiful at any age, with Wacoal. I just did!

The company believes that every woman is beautiful - I believe the same!  If you hop over to my blog's "About" page, you'll see there that I believe that everyone is a goddess in her own right. I salute the company for having such a vision too. They understand that we all have unique body shapes and sizes and they also change as we age. With such products anchored on exceptional make; every woman is eventually looking good and most importantly, feeling good at any age she may be.

Wacoal and Nuffnang Philippines invite you to watch an exclusive screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 on November 15, Thursday, at the Newport Cinemas of Resorts World Manila!

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Check out the following for more insights:

Be body beautiful at any age, with Wacoal, girls! (^_^)


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