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Affordable Shopping Haven and my Blazer Fixations

7/19/2013 09:06:00 AM Chai Chen 15 Comments belongs to Hong Kong Sunweb Technology Co.,LTD, a worldwide online fashion clothing seller. Purchases at Dresslink is claimed to be safe and a well-managed trade. The shop supplies the most fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies' apparel internationally. I've recently been part of the team for the fashion blogger event and I must say; it seems pretty exciting! The styles and products they offer seem very unique and trendy. They do understand what the fashion market wants and that is unique and special ladies' clothes, so their team promises to be always adding beautiful new styles to their collections.

One thing they really take pride on is offering exceptional low price but good quality at the same time. This is because they are declared to have their own factory in ZHANGZHOU, FUJIAN. Also, in order to provide more styles (more than 10,000 styles to date per site count), they ally with many clothing manufacturers specializing in producing export clothing in China, which enables them to provide lasting styles in massive amount and in remarkably low prices.

Now they offer best efforts to be the best supplier to retailers and boutiques online all over the world as well. They offer a large variety of clothing styles. The site does have an amazing assortment of products in many brands and styles, and 90% similarity with clothing on famous fashion magazines. That is something I definitely love! And with that, I'm now on my way to have an even longer partnership with them as a fashion blogger. Check out my unique picks from the shop and incredibly low prices!

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Oh did I mention they have an incredibly low price? Of course, we normally would subject such sites as "too good to be true" or that their products might be of low quality instead since they have such lower prices compared to the rest of online shopping sites and retail stores. The photos advertised in the site are highly enticing though so that's something I still have to check.


I wanted to fill my cart with loads of clothes. Imagine how many items I checked out with at such a highly affordable costing? Definitely gorgeous products!

Europe Women's Three Quarter Sleeve
One Button Slim Suit Blazer
Medium Style Jacket ($11.00)

Casual OL Style Stripes Cardigan
Knit Jacket Coat ($7.86)

Fashion Simple Elegant Black White
Rose Flowers Stud Earrings ($1.03)

This is just a first. Of course, there are loads of other items I want! As to what my next shopping carts would look like, check this out ...

Blazers, Jackets, and Cardigans

I can't get enough of the cardigans and blazers from this site! Aside from the fact that they're extremely affordable; they also have a wide-range of selection that are definitely unique. Of course, since I'm normally checking the other online shops and blog partner sites too; I can say this shop's offerings are not the same. And that's why I like it too! These over-coats are definitely perfect for the corporate chic look for me!

Women's Ladies Long Sleeve shoulder pad
All-Match Loose Short Jacket Coat ($6.41)
Women's Stylish Punk Lapel Zipper Denim
Jean Coat Blazer Jacket Biker Outerwear ($23.30)
Women's 3/4 Sleeve Casual Blazer
Outerwear Short coat Jacket ($9.47)
New Ladies STRIPE Naval Style
Short Coat Jacket BLAZER ($7.85)
Add caption Women's OL Pattern Double-breasted
Luxury Winter Cotton Blends Coat Jacket ($19.50)
Women's Big Bowknot Career OL
White Slim Suit Coats Jackets ($20.98)
Vogued Elegant OL Pattern 3/4 Sleeves
One Button Lapel Suit Coat Tops ($11.80)
New Casual Women's V Collar Long Sleeve
Candy Color Long Top Sweater Cardigan ($8.20)
New Fashion Women's Top Gradient Candy Color
Knitting Cardigan Coat Casual Wear ($6.70)
Women's Golden Buttons Double-breasted
Cardigan Outerwear Coat Black ($8.30)
New Korea Irregular Hem Long Sleeve
Cardigan Knit Sweater ($6.00)
Girl's Lady Comic Cartoon Jacket Outerwear
Long Sleeve Coat Sweater ($4.62)

Of course, there are those stocks that are also similar. Can't avoid that I guess! But there's a bigger tendency then of getting them at a much lower price from this shop. That's a better determining factor then for me (and most of us I guess) as to where to shop such items, right? (^_^)

One thing I like as well from this shop is the fact that they offer bigger sizes unlike common online shops. Even though this is predominantly with Asian sizes; we're not all a size "zero" and I'm glad I can get larger sizes from here hehe. I'm a size medium already (and sometimes at "large" considering Asian sizes; and yes I'm Asian lah~ So I'm already big enough in Asian sizing!)

Visit following for more information:

Would I recommend this? I'd have to wait 'til my items arrive and then I'll share my review with the rest of you guys! Can't wait! If you have a review of this site already, let me know. (^_^)


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