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About Chai

3/07/2017 12:05:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 5 Comments


Who is Chai?

CHAI came from my Chinese Name! The character Mei came from the word Mei Li meaning beautiful. The character Cai came from Cai Hong meaning color/rainbow. Put together, as my dad said, it figuratively means that I'm someone who adds color in people's lives.

Every Chinese name has its meaning and purpose on the bearer. I wasn't really brought up traditionally Chinese though but there's a few of that in me, I guess. LOL I guess I live that purpose in life - whatever meaning that name brings to me. (^_^)

My FULL NAME is far from my Chinese name hehe. People used to call me Dhez coming from my first name but I've grown up being called "Chai" so at home I'm called as such. And when I first got work, my first friend from the office called me Chai right then and there upon knowing my name at home ... as she knew my family (thanks Jen)! So since then, I kinda stick to this nick name.

And as I stick with this name, the responsibility to fulfill my purpose in life is embedded in everything I do. Given that figuratively, my name suggests that I add color in people's lives, I try to live a colorful life as well and share it with others. I try to be an inspiration and a blessing to others in my own simple ways.

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Chai has been a blogger since 2003, hosting her little abode at Yep; that's me. I was on hiatus for quite some time because of a family tragedy but passion always kicks in so now I'm back to business. (^_^)

I'm my family's breadwinner, supporting my elderly parents and my younger sister. I helped in financing my sis' education and now, she's a full-pledged board-passer nurse! Ever since I started working, my main determination was to have a better life with my family ... and with my sister's goal to be a nurse abroad, I definitely supported that ... and her graduation was such as fulfillment for me!

Cai and Jong
Chinese General Hospital - College of Nursing Graduation
I graduated from UST (University of Santo Tomas) with AB Communication Arts degree. I'm blessed to have graduated with honors as well (Cum Laude). I'm not the typical 'cum laude' I guess. I ain't that brainy. LOL. I just wanted to prove a point back then ... that I'm more than just another pretty face. I really focused on my studies and achieved good grades, with the wish to work in a corporate environment and live a simple life. I just had simple dreams back then ... not until I got exposed to blogging and everything this internet has to offer. LOL.

I've worked in the BPO Industry for so long ... actually since I started my professional career. My longest work life revolves around Operations Management and Project Management with me primarily being a Client Services Manager. For more information about my schooling and professional work, you can check out my LINKEDIN Profile:

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Being a breadwinner ain't an easy task ... My sister earns a measly income for now and she needs more experience (and money) before we can send her off abroad ... *le sigh* She actually doesn't want to. She's contented living here in the Philippines. So I do everything in a decent, professional, and moral way to earn a good amount of income; doing whatever it takes, to finance the needs of this family. I guess I've been both the mom & dad of this family since I started working ... so I never give up ...

Mom, Me, Sis, Dad
In  2006; the biggest devastation came ... the house where I lived my entire life was consumed by fire. It's a compound-type housing, owned by my uncle; Dr. Faustino R. Santos (Skin and VD Specialist). We lived quite an abundant life but since then, things started falling apart ...

Expenses started to balloon. With no other means for my and my relatives, we lived in separate apartment houses this time - caring for our own expenses. The rent was all killing us (T_T).

My uncles' debts continued to grow as well. And with me earning mostly the more amount than most, I'm but obliged to help.

At an early age, I tried to find means of earning outside my regular work. Aside from putting up my items in ebay (some stuff we were able to salvage after the fire), I ventured into a desserts / food business (I bake stuff and prep up ref cakes hehe), and still doing a business education/development project outside of work that time. There were so many hats I had to put on ... quite tiring but fulfilling as well. (^_^)

Family Dinner at TGIF, The Fort
My parents used to be very generous hehe. They were once top officials in their work fields (banking) but due to age, they were forced to retire early when I was still in college. I finished school by means of the university scholarship (Becarios de Santo Tomas) where I served also as a working scholar. Hence, I learned how to support myself and my family. As a working student ... the values since then never changed...

OASAP - The Latest Street Fashion

My priorities changed especially now that I'm already getting old haha. Sooner or later, I'll have my own family. I still wish to have my own loving family. So, I strengthen my means to sustain this life ... and my family's life. That's my focus ... love life only comes after. LOL. Seriously, I'm just waiting for the right guy to come. Security is very important for me. I've been through a lot and able to withstand everything that came along. I was able to succeed in many ways ... thanks to God! So the guy I'm praying for is a guy who's stronger than me who'll be able to have a life with me and my family now ... and our own family in the future. Is he the one? Like I said ... I'm praying for it. (^_^)

My family is the most important treasure I have right now. (^_^)

I'm busy as a workaholic. LOLZ. Being in the corporate world is very demanding. While at times they're really tough, I'm happy to still be able to do my job well and continue to be an inspiration to others. I think that's part of my job. There's too much pressure but the people who succeed with me really make me happy! Nothing beats a successful team member who's also a product of your own mentoring right? They're the fruits of my success too! (^_^) As they said, it's one trait of a leader too. So if I have team members or staff who succeed in life and even achieve more - one thing's for sure! I'm DEMMM PROUD OF Y'ALL!

I do have other interests though and those are the stuff I share with the rest of the world in this blog. My other past times or hobbies include COSPLAY, yeah! I'm still young at heart hehe. I love cosplaying! I love Anime, JPOP, KPOP ... Asian stuff! Visit my cosplay art gallery - hope you like 'em. (^_^)

On some free days, of course I blog and share other stuff that interests me. Food, clothing, shoes, bags, accessories ... kikay stuff. I've definitely moved on from the sad "past" and continue to live life ... this smiling face you see is a product of many trials and challenges already. I've braved 'em all and will continue to brave the storms that'll still come along.

The challenges have taken a toll on my health now. I have cardiac arythmia and dextroscoliosis. Yeah .... quite a "challenge" right? I ain't giving up though. I will continue to pray and be strong and love God above all things! In 2014, I ventured into fitness as part of my lifestyle. I know I ain't getting any younger and these conditions will worsen my lifespan if I don't do anything drastic to improve my health. Thankfully, I've lived a better life since then. I've lost a lot of weight and I'll definitely share my success stories in this blog as well.

I wish to continue to inspire others through my works. I know I've already achieved the things I wanted to do in life. Simple goals. And now, I'm trying to achieve the goals and dreams of others. Watch my transformation journey video here ...

This page will be improved as I get to recall any tidbits about me. Or, I'll blog about them and tag them as "personal" so you can freely browse as well. LOLZ. For now, this is what I have. Thank you for reading my boring life story. Share yours too!



Old Blogger Profile Infos
OccupationClient Services Management
LocationManila, Philippines
IntroductionI'm mixed Chinese-Filipino-Spanish-Indian. Corporate Chic. Cosplayer. Nuff said! WISHLIST:
Interestsnokia phones, techie gadgets, webbie, cutie stuff, girlie stuff, web design, photo editing, writing, blogging, advertising, journalism, photography, public relations, marketing, organizing, all shades of blue, watching movies & tv series, IMC, developing new leaders, working, cosplaying, gaming
Favorite MoviesAlvin and the Chipmunks, Il Mare, Ditto, Sky of Love, Les Miserables, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Fiddler on the Roof, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, The Notebook
Favorite Musicpop, rock, rnb, music by Rihanna, BEP, Fergie, PCD, Ken Zhu, Vivian Hsu, Ciara, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry
Favorite BooksThe Secret by Ken Blanchard, Rich Dad Poor Dad Series by Robert Kiyosaki, The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. Schwartz

Fields of Interest with Experience

Being in the "media" world and communications background, I'm interested in the following fields. And given the opportunity; I guess I will explore career and opportunities in them ... more than what I've studied before and somehow experienced in the past ...

Account Manager Post or similar.
Creative Team

I've had my stint in both Creatives and Accounts before and it was fun & exciting! I enjoyed it more in the Creatives team because my team members where whacky haha! Accounts is more professional. This is my real-"job" experience then as we faced clients, presented concepts and won bids. I had my mini-experience as well in shooting TV commercials and met models & Mr. John Lloyd Cruz. Woot! It was a good team and I had good bosses and owners. It was a medium-sized company and oh boy! Was it fun!

Marketing Manager
Brand Manager

Social Media Manager
Being a Marketing professional ain't all fun though ... I guess it was more stressed! But it's pretty exciting and I know it entails a lot of presentations as well. The ever-growing needs of society is well-factored in! Economics play a major role here. Darn! I hate the maths! But I loved the experience! Integrated marketing communications is where I've focused on before and wow! How did it expand now! And social media marketing is booming! It's more fun! (^_^)

News Anchor
I know I'm choosy! Gaaaah! I know what Communications students undergo and the first step in the hierarchy is always a reporter. And yes, I know it's hard. I don't want it. Not saying I don't need it though ... and nope, I don't hate it. But it's just darn hard! Sleepless days & nights ... it's very versatile! I salute all reporters! Being in the field, depending on your beat, is risky yet fun. A motivated one will go up the top, for sure! And land on that anchor post! Sometimes; it's not even the case to some ... poor them. (T_T) But given the opportunity, I'd take Korina Sanchez' role hehehe. Tough women run the world! Police beat is scary for me ... or else I'd be dead "beat." Haha.

Public Relations
PR Manager
Crisis Management Professional
Lifestyle Editor

One reason I didn't want to be a reporter is ... the words I'd say are limited. I remember those days when I had to come up with just five (5) sentences for a news story. I always struggle in that because I'm such a blabbermouth! Hmmm ... so I guess PR is a better choice for me. (^_^) My hands type as fast as I think anyway hehe. And since I had background in Crisis Management too; that kinda helped me in my workplace for our BCP (Business Continuity Plan) efforts. I just never imagined I'd be a professional in this field hehe. If I choose a lighter field; hmmm, I'd say in the papers - I want LIFESTYLE! Magazines; events; writing to blogging ... it's the fun side of it! Hmmm ... that'd give me option later hehe.

Hollywood Actress
Theatre Actress
Tell me I'm crazy but yeah, dream on! I want to star in a Hollywood flick! BWAHAHAHAHA! Right now, I'm crushing on Alexander Skarsgard from the HBO's True Blood. So hawt! LOL. Come on Alex! Let's have a film together! LOLOLOLOL! Ok ... back to reality ... if not in movies; I'd be on stage. I had acting experiences since gradeschool anyway. My Teatro Tomasino experience might not be nough now though hehehe. It was cut short because I had to focus on my studies ... I didn't regret though because I graduated with honors anyway. It paid off. But I'd love it if I only had the chance to balance them hehe. And acting on stage is much more enchanting - there are no cuts! It's LIVE! And you got your full audience with you. Hmmm ... maybe one day; I'd be on a play ... my dream role? That girl singing On My Own ... pretending he's beside meeeee ....  Guess what play is that? (^_^)


  1. you seem like a really sweet girl. :) para kang super girl, trying to balance all aspects of your life. mejo pareho tayo ng situation

  2. Awww thanks Jesse! :)
    Yeah balancing act hehehe. Keep it up rin on your end. :)

  3. Wow Chai!! good proud of u...Ms cum laude..hehehehe Seriously, im proud of's a pleasure knowing u Chai.

  4. @Gabby - *blushes* Awww thanks so much. Nice meeting you around too, girl! Beyond the hypes! Woot! :) See yah when I see yah! (^_^)


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