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Real Life Doll or Anime Girl Anastasiya Shpagina

8/11/2013 09:56:00 AM Chai Chen 17 Comments

I first read about Anastasiya Shpagina last year when the Yahoo Article was published last year. It's almost too-good to be true. The article came along the rise of articles about quite-suspicious "real life" dolls like Valeria Lukyanova. It drew my interest as well and actually, this girl got more of my attention since she wasn't just focusing on being a doll or a model but she does cosplaying; and cosplay does attract me a lot. I've been missing this hobby already. I've been out of it for a almost 2 years ...

Anastasiya Shpagina and Valeria Lukyanova

There were lots of controversies with her Anastasiya and Valeria. Google searches rose quickly for the names of these two and in related articles; would show a lot of posts trying to prove their non-existence or bashing them that they are "photoshopped" beauties or have undergone plastic surgery. To be honest, there are really lots of doubts but since then; these two have been trying to prove their worth too - showcasing videos and photos denying all rumors. It's really interesting how their stories progress. I lost track. But somehow, I must say Anastasiya has shown some talent that really glued me in - her makeup skills. While most videos nowadays can be highly digitally altered or edited as well, her documented transformations are wonderful.

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In my cosplays, while I normally just watch videos as well (like those of Michelle Phan) to guide me; I end up looking with "just 1 look" LOL. I need improvement on my makeup skills hehe. And I've seen Anastasiya's beauty video blogs and make up transformations and I must say I was wowed by those. You gotta see them to believe! Here's a few of my favorites.

So the speculations about here are such have been shadowed by these amazing videos. She really has some talent to show, I guess. They've been scrutinized and interviewed by many and here's a few videos to share what these "real life dolls" had to say ... so far, Anastasiya's appear to be innocent and cute and honest. Not-so-showbiz nor celebrity type.

I must agree with some critics though - somehow, they have a different definition of beauty that little girls may try to copy; which may be too far-stretched for the young minds. However, on another thought, I salute these girls for showcasing their talents the best way they know how, without limits, without boundaries ... simply achieving their dreams and not giving in to the "DONT'S" that most people tell them to. They're not stopping! And it's up to us to decipher which one is real or not; and which ones to follow.

Visit the following for more information:

I like Anastasiya's makeup tutorials and transformation videos. I believe it's really good talent somehow and highly creative. And an artist does bank on their creativity. I give her kudos to that! While yes some looks and cosplays appear too-doll-like and creepy; it still achieves the look. (^_^) What do you think?


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