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Earn Money Online with Sponsored Reviews

4/11/2013 09:23:00 AM Chai Chen 82 Comments

Coming from my semi-rant post before this about My Thoughts on Follow Requests; one thing you'll notice there is about a few blogger comments about the "many ads" I have. I personally believe I still don't have as much. You see, there are those bloggers I also follow, who even have more followers (thousands and thousands of them) who have tons of ads placed all over their site - either on Sponsors section; in text ads; logos / pictures in blog posts; etc. I guess some visitors just don't really understand what's going on ...

In this post, allow me to share one of the ways that I've proven effective where money really comes in. Don't believe me? Well, I suggest you try it out for yourself.

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with The method I will feature in this post, specially, is about writing a comprehensive review for several advertisers and you'll get a chance to earn per post by simply adding their links, logos, among others. And when we talk about "reviews" per se, it is not just a bunch of photos and a few texts. Knowing that I'm such a blabbermouth sometimes, I took the shot. And from there, it already did wonders! This way, my friends, is about

I've personally tried and tested this site and it really works. It's no bogus site unlikes others I think. You might actually find great reviews about this site. I recommend signing up and exploring your opportunities now.

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There are lots of ways we can all earn and this is just one of the ways. Some might seem easier to do. This one, it really takes some effort. You really need to take it to heart and do what a blogger can be paid for to do - to write. It ain't a ready PR-material that you just need to post with a hodge podge of pictures / photos ready for advertising. Here, advertisers look for content - and great content gets great rewards.

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.comBloggers here are earning cash. Advertisers on the other hard, are building buzz! Yep! That's their tag line. I must say this is true. With us bloggers writing content for each advertiser, they expand their reach and get us help them grow their business. We help them create more recognition to some niches they probably haven't dealt with. Some bloggers of course will have a particular "niche" and group of readers in specific fields. By talking about specific advertisers we choose, our readers get influenced by our posting. Brand recognition to brand loyalty becomes easy through this online marketing strategy. It's actually revolutionizing the marketing industry, tapping social media and the blog world to revamp traditional PR. Very clever and promising!

The first step is really to just sign up and start finding advertisers according to your personal interest. If you're an advertiser, you need to start finding bloggers suiting your requirements. Of course, you'd want to select categories that match your blog category or personal liking. For example, since my blog is concentrating on fashion, cosplay, beauty and reviews among others; it would be very awkward for me to write something about "sports." My readers (and family and friends yadah yadah) know that I ain't a sporty person. I'd be a hypocrite if I write about sports - unless I start making it a personal habit and a hobby at the same time. If my interest switches there; then probably, with my own experiences, I can write up about sports and get "more credibility" on that aspect.

I am no longer including snapshots of how-tos in this post as it is highly self-explanatory and very easy to navigate once you're registered. That too, is one feature of the site that I like - very user friendly and very easy to navigate. If you still find it hard, there are Tutorials and Articles available on your home page. But trust me! It is really very easy to do - check out Simple Steps to Earn Money Blogging with The moment I got accepted, I just:
  1. Built my profile (blog category, description, etc.) and approximate amount of my posts' worth
  2. The system is intelligent - it will automatically determine your Google Page Rank, among others. So I just sat down and relaxed and waited for opportunities to come in ...
  3. I also tried looking for advertisers that I want to write about
Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with
See? Pretty simple. Bloggers earn money blogging! Bloggers get paid to blog! And as a blogger, what can you write about? I chose articles on the following fields: fashion, shopping, beauty, costumes, women, health, and food. Finding advertisers is a very easy task as well. You can select and bid on every opportunity you find interesting. For me, I review first the task needed per opportunity I select and bid on. Advertisers would normally ask to: write a complete new article, do a content reports, or do a product / service review. Doing content repost is the easiest of course, but it's not too financially rewarding. So I settle with the reviews or article types. Each opportunity will have different post requirements to so do pay close attention to each advertiser instructions. Some of the requirements are: include a sitewide or in-post disclosure; add minimum of three (3) text links or anchor links to the URLs they provide; write unique content only - do not copy from their website, etc. It varies so just pay close attention.

Photo Source: here

Of course, since you are bidding on an opportunity, you win some, you lose some. That's life! LOL. But don't lose hope - there are plenty of other opportunities around in case you did not get to win one of your bids. In the process, I recommend that you continue building your readership, blog following, and of course, site hits. See why it's more important now as I mentioned in my previous blog post? Thousands of followers is good but not as good if you get lesser site visits, hits, or unique page views. The farther your reach but with better concentration, the better. Improving your Google Page Rank will land you more opportunities as some advertisers have this restriction before you can bid. But of course, there are also those who don't - that's why this site is really great because it creates equal opportunities with aspiring bloggers and even the pros. Soon enough, you'll get a chance for your own reviews ... and then your advertisers will give you their satisfactory rating which then increases your chances to get more review opportunities as well.

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with We get really easy transactions here and get paid in the most convenient way - Paypal. I myself am a user of Paypal so it's such a breeze in the process to settle with this mode of payment. In selecting the opportunities, I normally go for the ones that are higher paying ones and then I bid with a much lower amount - this increases chances of you being approved. It's not a 100% effective formula but it does work. Of course, don't make it too low that your blog becomes "cheap." No advertiser would also want that. You need to maintain quality posts as well and keep a standard blog worth.

Another way to earn from from here is through the Sponsored Reviews Affiliate Program. You can earn up to $175 per Advertiser and $90 Per Blogger Referred. Payouts are based on money spent by the advertisers and money earned by the bloggers you referred. The average advertiser spends several hundred dollars so most referrals will be worth at least $25 as a rough estimate (quoting from the site). There's a tiered level approach and you will learn more about it once you sign up. So go ahead and let's all start earning!

Photo Source: here
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:

Hopefully, you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and sharing my insights with you. This post is is not sponsored but clearly just expresses my views about the site and how it works. I wish I helped you in one way, or another. (^_^) I'll surely write up about other ways to monetize your blog ... this one's a first!


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