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So, I Won This Comfit Foldable Bag!

9/06/2012 09:08:00 AM Chai Chen 18 Comments

Well, I just got lucky again ... Hohoho~ And this blog post is overdue hehe.

Lucky me, I often win these online contests from celebrities and fellow bloggers. I guess whenever I see something I want (or even something I don't want that much); and it comes for free; I grab the opportunity! Haha! Obsessed? Not really hehe. But the best things in life are for free! LOL. So cliche but ... it works! And since I didn't let those opportunities slip, I win!

Call me crazy but ... well, I'm sure you wouldn't pass such opportunities as well; especially when the ones up for grabs are cool and loveable items like this one! It's very cute and something that each one of us can use - a need, not just a want. So when it comes for free, go for it! And I just did!

This time around, I won this lovely COMFIT bag from another contest hehehe. It only entails online activities anyway so I decided, I'd join! Pretty easy! Facebook and Twitter ads and shares? Piece of cake, huh?

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It all started with this sale alert from COMFIT!

Very pretty steps! Crystal clear! Just LIKE and SHARE that photo on Facebook and RETWEET that same alert + the required caption on Twitter and boom! You get your self a chance to win any one of these new foldable bags that they've just recently released. Of course, you must be their follower at both social media platforms to be eligible.

I actually initially thought I could win all three (LOL) and I was counting the eggs before the chicken even laid them. Okay... corny joke haha! Movin' on...

Alright ... so I did the easy steps! I was even confident I'd win it haha. The contest ended July 15 and some time after that, I just saw a wall post from Comfit's Facebook page that I won haha! I was hesitant at first because I didn't get a message - either a PM on Facebook nor a DM on Twitter or any tweets tagging me; like how other contest owners notify their winners. I guess that's something that Comfit has to work on if they'll host future contests hehe. Nevertheless, I validated on their status post and they confirmed I did win. I just couldn't find that link anymore hurhur~

But thankfully after that process, I finally got my bag! Yipeee!!

My Comfit Foldable Bag - Black & Hot Pink Polka Dots

The claiming process didn't take easily. I was actually the one following up with them via Facebook PM since I was asked anyway to PM them my details. Not sure what details were needed, I just sent basic stuff - name, email, home address, cell #. I guess the team has a very busy schedule so it actually took me a few follow-ups hehe. I didn't mind; as long as I get my bag! Woot! LOL.

My Comfit Foldable Bag - Neat Leather Handle!
The typhoon and all that jazz came in so aside from the long wait; it took even longer for me to claim it hehe. I couldn't come to a "nearest branch" (well, I thought it would be shipped to me hehe) ... not until mid-August -when I finally dropped by Comfit Trinoma Branch (inside Michael Antonio Philippines). I came in rather late and they were already closing out. Poor them! I still bothered them before closing lah~

My Comfit Foldable Bag - Inside Look!
It took me about 30 minutes more before I finally got my bag. Well, the staff had to verify with their leaders and other offices if I was indeed allowed to claim it. I was getting impatient because I was supposed to see a movie after and yet this was taking too long *sobs*. I showed them the exchange of PMs on Facebook, and the actual post on Comfit Facebook Wall saying I won. It was on my mobile phone so I guess it says I'm legit!!! HAH! But nope, it wasn't enough. (T_T)

My Comfit Foldable Bag - The Foldable Side!
I guess the staff at Michael Antonio Trinoma Branch were all good people anyway and didn't shoo me away despite making them work longer hehe. They were even too apologetic and were explaining kindly to me the "road to validation" because - well, it's their job. And because they were so nice, I kept myself calm and just looked around the shoes in store ... even tempted to get a new pair. LOL. Sad to say; they weren't notified about my winning so they called lots of folks. Thankfully, there was one good heart who approved of me claiming the bag. The staff were still unsure though and asked me multiple times how I won it, to the point that it's not annoying but funny harhar~ I just explained to them kindly as well hehe.

My Experimental Fold Attempt (and yes that's my Blackberry)

I guess that's another area of opportunity for Comfit when doing these contests. (^_^)

Anyway, I got the chance to pick the design I wanted as promised! I was thrilled to get my fave design - if you see the ad pic posted, you'll see the "starfish" designs and the one I chose is the one in white. Unfortunately, the design was no longer available. I actually asked to reserve that for me when I claim it at the nearest branch (which is, as committed, I'd get it from Trinoma). It kinda saddened me a little bit but ... well, it's free anyway so I thought, I shouldn't demand a lot anymore. I should just be grateful. Besides, it's COMFIT and it's one of my favorite brands right? (^_^) So I just smiled and chose a different design from the polka dots series which was the only one left available.

You can see what I did here ...hohohoh~
There were other colors. In fact, I kinda liked the other one like this - the reverse color (black w/ hot pink dots) but then I settled for this because it was more unique and striking hehe. The other one, I can easily get that pattern on other items so this one's pretty good! I loved it!

You can see my mini captions on each photo which kinda became a "mini-review" to it haha~ I couldn't properly review it. LOL. Overall, I guess the bag is trendy and in-style right now; reminding me of some of my shopping buddies' bags - Longchamp hehe. It's not too big, as you can see it with my blackberry phone. The materials look very sturdy and durable so I have no qualms using this bag for my daily work / job / street style! So I guess despite the long journey of me getting my beloved bag; it was all worth it! (^_^)

So in terms of the giveaways process + overall bag design =

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)

I rated it three (3) plus (1) because of the style and it's one of my fave brands anyway so overall, four (4) stars lah~ Check out how I rave about Comfit in this post about its comfort & style; and some other posts labeled as "COMFIT."

For more information about Comfit, you can check the following locations:

Photos here are taken only with my Samsung Galaxy SII. Cool outcomes from a phone pic! *wink*
Enjoy! (^_^)


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