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Monday, August 27, 2012

Outfit Post: Good Evening, Daytime!

So ... we were supposed to be in a "formal gown / cocktail dress" that day for our office Santacruzan ... uhmmm ... I don't have long gowns anymore but this dress was kept in stock ... I had to resort to this. (^_^)

And poof! The parade! Night dress at day time!
Well, call center life's like that anyway~

Had these dresses been available during my JS Prom, I might have worn this one instead heheeh~

I loved this dress the first time I saw it and bought it right away since it's the last piece in this color. There was another one - in hot pink; but I figured it would be too striking for me to wear so I got this one instead. The cut, the color, the style - everything is perfect for a "royal look."

Do I look like Kate Middleton now? A style icon? LOL! Haler! Lots of fans would kill me lah~

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I mentioned about call center life ... well here in the Philippines, we work at night time (mostly for companies outsourced from the US) so the day time here is actually our "night." I guess that helps justify why I'm wearing an evening dress at day time, right? Hehehe.

Pop of Color!
The bag I'm holding is one of my faves (out of the many others hehehe). Though I've always stated I ain't really a "bag person" (read: not too fond of bags) but more of a shoe person (i.e. shoe lover); there are still a few that I fancy like this one. I've blogged about it too, if you want to check it out. Check out the Mccravy Clutch - Call It Spring. The surprise pop of color adds a youthful look to this evening look, am I right? Hurhurhur~

In my work, I gotta balance the youthful looks with my corporate and sometimes too-formal dress code to keep things appropriate to my age; but of course, not discounting the fact that it has to be safe enough for my role. So some pops of color like this one is what I normally do instead - than dressing too kiddo; fit for teens instead. However, I still don't need to dress up too-formal that it may be too matronly for me, right? Hehehe.

I must say that for my look to be not-too-revealing; I used this shawl to hide my flabby arms and at the same time; add that glam factor in the overall ensemble. I love how the style matches the whole look! It's black & silver with fringes! Just sooo perfect, right?

My shoes are just right for the look I wanted to achieve as well. The suede pumps can never really go wrong. Add platform to it; then you just added the perfect formula to comfortable heels! I guess without the platforms in front, I wouldn't be able to walk in them!

Dominique Heels from SM Parisian

The silver studs on the heels make it such a perfect match for my shawl. I thought it'd look weird at first because it's black and it's far from the color of my dress but because of the shawl (which I think I actually got from the scarves counter hehe), it made the look match! I love how it turned out!

The SM Look!
And I just realized that almost everything I've work here are all from the mega-shopping mall - SM Supermalls! I got them from different branches and different occasions but putting them all together makes it an overall-SM-Look! LOL. I've become such a fan of SM accessories and shoes in the recent years. I guess their style has evolved to a more enticing look so they got me fanning them! LOL.

  1. 3 Black Diamonds With Rhinestone Accent Connector Rings, SM Accessories 
  2. Feminine Twist Rhinestone Studded with Ribbon Trimmings Hoop Earrings, Forever 21 Philippines 
  3. Hot Pink Mccravy Clutch with Jeweled Finger Holes, Call It Spring - Philippines 
  4. Dominique Black Velvet Platform Pumps (Crystal-Studded Heels), Parisian Shoes and Bags 
  5. Yin Yang Pendant Black & Silver Design Necklace, So! FAB 
  6. SM Fashion Forum SENA Royal Blue Satin Stretch Floral Accent Prom Cocktail Dress, Miss Couture, from SM Ladies Wear
  7. Black Bangle Bracelet Set, SM Accessories
  8. Black Crystals Bangle Bracelet, Y.R.Y.S. (Your Rules Your Style)
  9. Aldo Accessories Black & Silver Rosette Ring, ALDO Shoes - Philippines 
  10. Black and Silver Shawl / Scarf / Bolero, SM Accessories
  11. Xoxo Accessories Rhinestone Accent Silver Bangle Watch, XOXO

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Good Evening, Daytime!
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