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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Club Le Jean Girbaud is on a 3-Day Sale from Sep16-18!

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I've been a member of Girbaud's Club MFG (or Club Marithé+François Girbaud) since I was in high school. I've been a fan of its unique style, simple but elegant looks, pleasing colors, and simply put, just by being the style I would like to have when I'm in "comfy" mode ... if there's such a thing.

What I used to get from them were monthly 10% discount cards mailed to me, which I almost always use. As I got into college, they normally send me 2 pieces of those ... making it a whopping 20% discount for me then. Woohoo! I normally just get jeans & shirts for my collection. I rarely bought shoes and bags though I had a few pieces of 'em too. Plus caps, wallets and ... well, that's it. That was it ...

T'was only in 2006 when my membership stopped. I stopped using their cards. I guess it was in 2005 when my fandom over Girbaud soured. Lah! I had this small incident with one of their stores when I caught a peeping tom from their staff as I was trying to fit a tee. Good thing, their management decided to take action and filed a case against that guy, whom they eventually sacked! Good deal! But then again, t'was the time when the tragedy came (i.e. fire that caught our house). I stopped receiving their mailers. I moved. And then I dunno what happened ...

Last year, they launched a redefined membership program which they call now as Club Le Jean. I guess it promises more to its members this time. Every Php1,000 worth of purchase entitles the user for a stamp via the "Le Jean Starmap" and earn points every Php100 you spend. Accumulated points will give you the power to use 'em later for purchase and your stamps can be used to redeem goodies too. Pretty cool, huh? My Club MFG before does not have these mechanics. I wasn't in the VIP Club MFG list back then though, haha. Just the regular one! Anyway, this time, I also get my own 20% discount on my birthday month. There's also a Jeans Exchange program they have! Pretty cool!

What also gets exciting is that, each member gets more discounts on every purchase even when the store's on sale (not just on regular priced items). You can get to use your discount card points to purchase. My shopping cart's normally filled with tops, shorts, and shoes then. Oh boy, I am sooo addicted to flats (though I'm just a small girl)! I've been collecting flat shoes, lately. Dunno but I have this sudden fandom over flats and I think I'm buying more. Is it the "in" thing lately? Dunno. So far, I bought three different Girbaud flat shoes in a span of ... I guess every other week! Gosh! If this continues, I'd be poor! LOL. Well, that was so-last-year though.

These models are namely: F-Kizz, Moselle, and Cercle. I dunno how they really name their shoes though haha. There's another one from the store in gray ... white slip ons but the shoe is gray. Dunno what it's called yet lah! It looks like ballerina shoes! Sheesh! They're so comfy and I love walking with these shoes on. There's another one I saw over the net ... Adidas' Yattra Ballerina Shoes! Yay! I saw it from my friend's Twitter post and when I looked over ... those shoes are cool indeed! I want! But good thing I controlled myself hehe. Otherwise, I would've been sooo poor with all flats and no money! LOLZ.

My purchases have earned me another pair of shoes and tons of socks and a few caps for free! I love these items! I love fashion! I love style! I love Girbaud! LOLZ.

This time, the club is holding a 3-day sale at the SM Mall of Asia Girbaud outlet where everyone gets a chance to get a bag and wallet bundle for just P1,200! That's a steal, considering Girbaud's quality products.
Dear Philip Davis
Marithe + Francois Girbaud "Club LeJean" would like to invite you this September 16-18, 2011 at M+FG Mall of Asia on it's 3days Sale. Enjoy Bag    and Wallet Bundle at P1,200 on great selections. Bring your card together   with your starmap to avail this
exclusive promo.

Best Regards,
Marithe + Francois Girbaud Manille Inc.

So be there as it happens!

And make sure you sign up for Club Le Jean to get exciting news and offers and exclusive events as well. If you love Girbaud's style, then this is a must-have! Go check out the nearest store and find out how you can take advantage of these exciting offers! Happy shopping!


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